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Title / Version WidgetManager
License Freeware / Free
Filename widgetmanager.exe
Filesize 1.02 MB
Date 04/30/2011 - 13:10
Changed 04/30/2011 - 13:12
Publisher / Author very_bad_soldier (Uploaded by very_bad_soldier)


I finally found the time to make a standalone application from the widget module integrated in ZKLobby (formerly known as SpringDownloader).

Key features:

  • Browse online widget database
  • List status of installed widgets and if updates are available
  • Install/Uninstall/Update widgets
  • Downgrade widgets to older versions
  • Activate/Deactivate widgets (like F11 menu) 
  • Read/Write comments for widgets
  • Rate widgets
  • Export/Import your installed/activated widget list to a local file
  • Export/Import your installed/activated widget list to your online player profile
  • Auto-updating itself to latest version 
  • Linux compatible (Mono). Does not look great though