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Title / Version UpSpring Texture Pack v2
License Freeware / Free
Filename UpSpring TexturePack v2.7z
Filesize 4.56 MB
Date 03/22/2010 - 20:01
Changed 01/04/2011 - 14:45
Publisher / Author Deadnight Warrior (Uploaded by Deadnight Warrior)


- Fixed Cavedog texture pack (compared to the one released with UpSpring 1.54 EA)
- Guardians of Kadesh textures
- Talon Textures
- The Lost Legacy texures
- Common Textures for both Talon & The Lost Legacy (seems that these two mods share a lot of textures)
- Rhyoss textures
- Argon textures
- Rumad Textures (some of the textures where found in Talon & TLL texture packs, others who have the same name are different from those found in other texture packs)
- Some more textures, aka expansion 2 (Exp2)
Many of the texures featured in those mods where projectile textures or transparent textures for special effects hacked into the original TotalA.exe . Those files where removed as units that used them arent compatible with Spring.

It may seem that this texture pack has fewer textures in Cavedog pack than they where by default instalation of UpSpring. And thats true because many of the textures are subsequent frames of animated textures which are not supported by Spring at the time. By removing those you have more room for textures that actually matter.

In order to use this texture pack safely do following:
1. Create a folder for backing up your UpSpring current texture packs
2. Move all .zip archives and .gcf files into that folder
3. Move texgroups.cfg and archives.cfg into that folder
4. Extract this archive into UpSpring folder
5. Run UpSpring and from Settings menu choose "Texture archives"
6. Browse and add all archives you want to use from this texture pack (Cavedog_Textures are highly recomended)
7. From Settings menu choose "Texture groups"
8. Click "Load group from file" and choose the .gcf file for the Texture archives youre using (Cavedog_Textures consist of multiple groups)

In order to use any of the textures in your mod make, sure that its located in /UnitTextures/TAtex/ folder.
if you use Side/Race logos make sure that they are listed in teamtex.txt in the same folder.

I dont claim authorship over any texture included in this pack.
Feel free to use them for anything you want.