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File Information

Title / Version Wide Pass 3.2
Mapsize 12 x 20
License Freeware / Free
Filename Wide Pass v3.2.sd7
Filesize 44.45 MB
Date 06/22/2010 - 20:13
Changed 01/04/2011 - 21:25
Publisher / Author Senna (Uploaded by Senna)
Windspeeds 0-25 Knots
Gravity Force 120 Newton
Start Positions 2


Wide Pass v3.2 with lot of fixes in mods, changes on sun and more stuff


-Clean UP in the mod!!, sounds, corpses and weapons now fixed, also cleaning old useless stuff that made
the file 20mb bigger)
-Kudos to [BoS]Nixtux with help to cleaning up with categorys and fixing sounds


-Hermes speed increased [1.0 to 2.4]
-Migala HP increased [785 to 2385]
-Jeager Speed increased [1.37 to 2.22], fixed weapond, no longer does damage vs land
-Scar AOE increased [35 to 90], Damage increased [1000 to 1480]
-Hound speed increased [2.4 to 2.9]
-Gargoyle hp increased [1350 to 5900]
-Dao Speed increased [1.9 to 2.5]
-Brutus Speed increased slighty [1.8 to 2]
-Gladius speed increased slighty [1.0 to 1.4]

-fixed scout helis, now have big radar onoffable
-Apache now shot gunship fire
-Smasher now shot gunship fire

-Sumo to heavy sumo xp required decreased [0.45 to 0.30]
-Fatboy into UPG fatboy xp required decreased [0.45 to 0.35

-Troman metalcost decreased [5007 to 3000]
-Bantha speed decreased [1.95 to 1.80]


-Magnetosphere no longer gives impulse when fires, Paralizetime increased [10 to 35]
-New t3 Metal storage for both sides [storages 100.000]
-T1 arm,core vehicle and kbot factory buildtime decreased 1500


-Balanced Morph configuration, now every unit its should be balanced to theyr "morph" value/costs

-Old Changes;

*Im sorry but big fix going need more time so ive made this fast version to sync with springlobby,
and change some imbalanced units values*
-Big fix coming soon


-Razorback Speed Decreased [3.1 to 2.6],Damage Decreased [160 to 125], Energycost increased [63286 to 112344]
-Marauder Speed Decreased [3.5 to 3]
-Metron now does more damage vs t3 [11300 to 16300], Range increased [1650 to 1900],
AOE Increased [256 to 480], Explosive Loud sound fixed

-Warmachine HP Increased [44900 to 127800]
-REX weapond sound added, HP increased [14601 to 39200]
-Champion HP increased [12245 to 22245]
-Vengence weapond bug Fixed
-Gladius Loud sound fixed, Weapond fixed
-Scar Tank Now hits 100%
-Migala All-Terrain spider flak damage increased vs air 200%
-Ra All-Terrain spider Now uses pulverizer aa, no longer upg pulverizer aa
-Snowman loud sound fixed, Now shots like sniper

-Removed T1,5 names from the T1,5 air
-Stratos Speed increased [11 to 14], Damage per bomb increased [244 to 260]
-FlameBomber Damage per bomb increased slighty [250 to 280]
-Dao speed increased [1.2 to 1.9]
-Brutus speed increased [1.15 to 1.8], metal cost decreased [986 to 640]
-Jeag loud hit sound fixed
-Slasher damage increased [31 to 36]
-Samson and Slasher now makes double damage against commanders, Upg does same {50 for samson 72 for slasher}


-Arm Core Mortor Range increased [1300 to 1700], area of effect increased slighty [47 to 70]
-Nebraska reloadtime decreased [10 to 5] Now shots like sniper
-Boucher reloadtime decreased [10 to 5] Now shots like sniper
-Enforcer no longer requires Research Center tech 2
-Magnetosphere AOE increased [80 to 200], no longer requires Research Center tech2


-Added new lups from new air units and Core fusions [thanks Nixtux]