Violet Rampart

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File Information

Title / Version Violet Rampart 1.2
Mapsize 24 x 24
License Freeware / Free
Filename violet_rampart_1.2.sd7
Filesize 26.44 MB
Date 09/17/2014 - 14:25
Changed 04/04/2015 - 15:57
Publisher / Author qray (Uploaded by qray)
Windspeeds 0-0 Knots
Gravity Force 130 Newton
Start Positions 5


5-way FFA, heavily based on and inspired by Azure Rampart by zwzsg: playable area (~18.5x18.5) and bases are a bit bigger, complete map area is a lot bigger (24x24) to give more room for aircraft movement.

Metal options:
Flat metal map with option to adjust metal income to your taste with 3 settings (BA 1st level income values listed):
-Azure (as on azure rampart): radius 400, income max 2.4
-Violet (default setting): radius 250, income max 1.8
-Metal (pure metal map fun): radius 10, income 2.0
New option to switch to metal spots:
-Spots (metal spots): radius 90, income 2.2


- Added a geovent in every base
- Added map option to have metal spots instead of flat metal distribution
- Flat metal distribution less bright in metal view
- Slight income increase for "Metal" option (1.9 → 2.0)
- Modified terrain map to keep (all terrain) units from wandering into the void
- Gadget that takes care of units that nevertheless manage to do so (needs spring > 96)
→ they get thrown down and destroyed
- New minimap image
- Added normalmap
- Small changes to terrain, lightning, diffuse texture, specular and splat details
- Fixed small errors in map scripts, deleted unnecessary files

- Visual updates and fixes (diffuse and detail tex)

Inspiration and some code for metal spot option from map Emereld by Bluestone
Skybox from Smoth. Scripts based on offical map blueprint container by jK.
Scripts GPL 2.0, map CC BY 3.0.