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UnbalancedCommanders Beta 26
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File Information

Title / Version TitanDuel UnbalancedCommanders Beta 26
License Freeware / Free
Filename titanduel_unbalancedcommanders_beta_26.sdz
Filesize 28.58 MB
Date 08/13/2017 - 16:37
Changed 09/21/2017 - 01:19
Publisher / Author PRINCE_doo (Uploaded by PRINCE_doo)


This is a testing version.

-added arm sea comms
-fixed issue with e and m to xp ratios

-fixed typo in corcomdefs

-Exp from energy usage reduced by 90%
-Commlaser nerfed:
level1: unchanged

range 300 -> 430
damages +100%

range 430 -> 475
damages +100% (of lvl1)
Firerate +100%

range 475 -> 550
damages + 200%
firerate + 100%

range 550 -> 600
damages + 300%

range 600 -> 798
damages +400%
aoe +33%
-Commdgun nerfed
-Radar/sonar/LOS nerfed
-BuildDistance nerfed

-fixed sync issues

-Commander wreckages:
56.25% of specified commwreck amount at level1 (default 1406)
75% level2 (default 1875)
100% level3 (default 2500)
133% level4 (default 3 333)
177% lvl5 (default 4 444)
237% lvl6 (default 5925)

-healing aura ratio set back to 5%
-Fixed ratio not being used by gadget

-Healing aura ratio 5% -> 1%
-Earned xp from walking and consumming resources x2


Commanders earn xp passively from walking
Commanders earn xp from consumming m or e.
Commanders passively heal surrounding units with 5% of it's workertime (for each unit in autoheal radius). The heal formula is just like the repair formula which depends on unit hp, unit buildTime and repairer repairtime(=workertime in most cases) but uses the 0.05*workertime ratio instead.
Commanders passively morph as they reach 5.0 exp. 5 morphs (6 levels) are available.
As commanders morph, their base stats and weapons are improved. Increasing their exp will then further increase those stats. -Commanders are given new build possibilities as their level increase.
Models are also updated on each level ups!

This is a BA mutator designed to be played with latests BA:test versions. Forgive me if this doesnt do well with current BA:stable version.

Thanks to all BA devteam members up until now for maintaining this awesome game and always pushing the newest stuffs!