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File Information

Title / Version Simple 6 Way 1.2-KotH
Mapsize 18 x 18
License Freeware / Free
Filename simple6wayv012.sd7
Filesize 9.49 MB
Date 07/24/2013 - 21:04
Changed 03/22/2016 - 15:10
Publisher / Author qray (Uploaded by qray)
Windspeeds 15-25 Knots
Gravity Force 130 Newton
Start Positions 6


Map Description:

Simple King of The Hill style map including a map option to set KotH game mode.
A lot of metal and quite high windspeed to allow for very fast paced hill fights
and easy upgrading to 2nd level, to make them even more hard. Ressources can be
tuned down in map options (75 and 50%).

Players: 3 or 6 in FFA (1v1v1 or 1v1v1v1v1v1), 6 start points
If you want to team up, maybe better use custom start zones
instead of the fixed start points
Metal: income 1.5/2/3 units per round and spot depending on spot location
Filename: Simple6Way.sd7
Author: qray

-fixed that BA fences were recognized as units and could keep the hill zone controlled
-added saving of timer display position in config file
-added option (default "on") that teams can get their commander back if lost and if no
commander has reappeared in this team in the meantime
commander respawn after average of all remaining hill times with sound and text notification
a little circle in team color and a text marker show where commander will respawn
needed hill time of this team will increase at respawn by 1/4 of initial time
- worked over texture, fixed metalmap, increased extractor radius
- reduced map options
- fixed bugs in KotH script:
-- added compatibility (ZeroK and EvoRTS)
-- added distance check when 2 or more commanders in the hill zone
-- made counter display movable (position is not stored)
V1.0-KotH: added King of the Hill script, switched to lua mapoptions & mapinfo
V1.0: added start positions, worked over texture & heightmap, adjusted wind
V0.5: first test version of map

King of the Hill (KotH) Game Description:

To start a King of the Hill game, choose "Kill Everything" in normal game options
(BA) and set "Hill Time" in the Map Options to a non-zero value (good values are
between 10-15 minutes). For ZK hill time is set to 15 minutes by default.
If Hill Time is zero (default except for ZK), a normal game as set in the Mod Options
will start and the KotH mutator script will not run.

Every team has a counter with the time in minutes set in the map options between 1 and 30 minutes. Goal of the game is to occupy/control the "hill zone" (the square in the middle) for this time. Then, the other teams are destroyed and you have won.
The time is accumulative, so if you are thrown out, it won't be reset and you can try to get in again to occupy it for the remaining minutes/seconds.

Occupying the hill: you have to get in once with your commander (EvoRTS: overseer) while the hill zone is not occupied by another team. Then, your hill time starts to count down as long as any(!) of your units is in the hill zone (so you can move the com out). If two commanders are in the zone at the same time, the one closer to the center will get the control.
The definition of "unit in the zone" includes aircrafts even when flying. This can be changed in the map options. Landed aircrafts do always count. (Dragon teeth and Fortification Walls etc. do not count.)
During this time, nobody else can occupy the zone. When the last unit of the occupying team in the zone is killed or removed, the time stops counting down and control is lost.

When the hill zone is occupied, it will take the team color of the team in control. It will revert to white when control is lost.
The displayed counters show the time to go in the color and with the player name of the first player in an ally team (of course only releveant if more than one player is in the ally team). The counters can be moved by clicking & holding the move button in the top right corner with the left mouse button.

By default, a team that lost all its commander(s) gets one back after waiting for a time
that is calculated as the average of the remaining hill times of all teams. This can be turned
off in the map options. The waiting time will be displayed below the hill time counter of this team.
The commander will respawn at its initial start position (displayed by a team colored
ground circle and a map marker). A sound and a text message will indicate the respawning.
The remaining hill time of this team will be increased at respawn by 1/4 of the initially
needed hill time.

The King of the Hill mode has been tested with Balanced Annihilation. It should also work with BAR, Zero-K and EvolutionRTS (only superficially tested); other Spring mods/games are not supported (for now?) and script will not start.


Images during map making made with Inkscape (rough height map draft) and Gimp (detail work), using some textures from the SpringMapEdit tool.
Conversion done with SpringMapEdit.

Design inspired by DeltaSiege Island 8 Way from TradeMark.

Skybox from Smoth.

KotH script based on one by Alchemist. Also helpful were tips by Silentwings and zwzsg for debugging the KotH script and KingRaptor and all others in "com finding" thread:

Other map scripts from and/or based on the map blueprint container by jK.

Thanks to everyone who gave/gives tips and help in the map making forum and the wiki!
Especially in thread:


Artwork of the Map:
Released under Creative Commons (CC) BY 3.0
Means: Everyone can take this work or parts of it as a basis for his own map or modify and release it. Credits should be included in any re-release.

Scripts (==Lua):