Seths Ravine V2

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File Information

Title / Version Seths Ravine V2
License Freeware / Free
Filename Seths_Ravine_V2.sd7
Filesize 25.14 MB
Date 11/30/2010 - 00:31
Changed 01/01/2011 - 20:20
Publisher / Author SirArtturi (Uploaded by SirArtturi)
Windspeeds 2-20 Knots
Gravity Force 125 Newton
Start Positions 6


License: CC-BY Attribution 3.0 Unported

Seth's_Ravine_V2 (C) SirArtturi, Beherith and KaiserJ


You are free to copy, distribute, display and perform the work and make derivative
works based on it only if they give the author or licensor the credits
in the manner specified by these.

* In order to fill these terms, you need to keep this readme file in your game/map
source and credit the original author and provide url to the original engine they
have been designed for:

Thanks to smoth and Forboding Angel and Cheesecan for all the help and the content!
Features by smoth, noize, lathan stanley, marmoth
and 0ad (




Version 1.0

- SSMF map format. detailtexture splatting and specular map.
- Graphics optimized for low graphic settings aswell.
- Dynamic featuremap - ability to control featureplacement via map options.
- Mapoptions:
- Metal patch placer (Still under development)
- Metal income adjuster
- Wind speed adjuster
- Terrain hardness adjuster
- Featureplacement options (on/off)
- Typemap options (on/off)
- Fog options (on/off)


Version 2.0

- Metal patch placer implemented (credits to cheesecan)
- Metal layout changed and metal spots reduced in middle
- Metal income decreased
- Fog works now as a widget, that can be turned on/off ingame
- Packed as non-solid archive