Sapphire Shores Dry

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File Information

Title / Version Sapphire Shores Dry 2.1
Mapsize 18 x 8
License Freeware / Free
Filename sapphireshores_dry_v2.1.sd7
Filesize 20.39 MB
Date 06/06/2013 - 00:35
Changed 07/01/2013 - 04:16
Publisher / Author The Yak (Uploaded by The Yak)
Windspeeds 10-20 Knots
Gravity Force 120 Newton
Start Positions 10


V2.1 Dry has same fixes as 2.1, but also has much lower water level, roaches no more make impassable holes

Dried version of a blue beach full of purple metal and sapphire crystals, narrow map similar in layout to escarpment.

V2.1 Dry Changes:

- Lower water level
- New Skybox
- Crystal metal value divided by 10
- Default hardness 175 > 200
- Fixed upside down typemap

V2 Changes:
- New Texture
- Smoother heightmap (uses lowpass now)
- Improved specular lighting
- New splat mapping, detail texes, new detail tex when /advmapshading off
- Crystal features
- Better atmosphere and lighting conditions
- Reduced wind from 10-25 to 10-20 (to compensate somewhat for crystals)
- Typemapped different areas of hardness (ground, crystal, rock), default hardness 150 > 175

Made by: The Yak
Based from BeachInvasionBeta by 123v
Sapphire Crystals: Recolored Tiberium crystals by Lathan

Made with World Machine, GIMP, Notepad++, SpringMapEdit, FilterForge

No relevance to any cartoon ponies whatsoever.