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File Information

Title / Version RustyDelta_FINAL
Mapsize 20 x 8
License Freeware / Free
Filename RustyDelta_Final.sd7
Filesize 13.65 MB
Date 08/16/2008 - 03:38
Changed 01/01/2011 - 19:00
Publisher / Author Yatta_Yatta-O_o (Uploaded by Yatta_Yatta-O_o)
Windspeeds 0-26 Knots
Gravity Force 140 Newton
Start Positions 12


Team map, should be ok for 3v3 to 6v6 games.
It does looks quite similar to Delta Siege Dry but its no rip-off, dont worry :D

Thanks to the first wave of reckless testers : Janken, [suicidal], ImperialAdmiral[N], [LAP]L0v3, SirMaverick[CA], flamez, [ANL]FractalDragon, [UFO]tix. Additional thanks to : Nisses & Suicidal for hosting test games with the map, JJ & Iamacup for their files hosting sites, and all the others v1 testers and messageboarder's comments.
Special thanks to Mephistos for his enthusiasm, support & autohost the map. Version 3 aka 'final' might have never existed without him ! \\o/

Changelog :

v3 aka FINAL
- Improved Heightmap, the cliff texture fits the real cliffs better, and the mountains are less "shamalow" now. The map looks somewhat nicer now.
- Removed north starting geo vents. North is easy to defend enough already, so those extra ressources were abusive.
- Removed one metal spot on norths sides. North is easy to defend enough already, so those extra ressources were abusive.
- North slopes are less steep now. North is easy to defend enough already, so this slope ground avantage was abusive.
- That should help make north harder to defend :D
- Removed central north & south vent, replaced with big metal spots
- Metal spots modifications to make the middle more interesting, and encourage the fight for this zone
- Vehicle handicap on the middle is greatly reduced, they should be able to move more efficiently, still the terrain is rough for them :D

- Removed extra geo vents. A bug moved one of the east vent near one of the west vents, making the map unbalanced. For some reason it was impossible to place the vent where it should be so I removed those two to make the map even again.
- Improved somewhat the graphics (cliffs & mountains)
- Lightly smoothed the middle of the map so the vehicles can go through river beds. Wont be easy tough, and vehicles can go full speed there.
- Reduced texture compression, should be less blurry ... but the file is now bigger :o !

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