Road to War Remake v01

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File Information

Title / Version Road to War Remake v01
Mapsize 28 x 28
License Freeware / Free
Filename Road_to_War_Remake-v01.sd7
Filesize 77.3 MB
Date 09/22/2009 - 13:00
Changed 01/01/2011 - 20:10
Publisher / Author Forboding Angel (Uploaded by Forboding Angel)
Windspeeds 1-25 Knots
Gravity Force 130 Newton
Start Positions 2


This is a re-adaptation of Decimator's Road to War map. It was the first 28x28 map ever made for spring and we had tons of great games on it. It was very very popular at one point and for a lot of great reasons.

It had one flaw though. At that time, no one (myself included) knew that typemap values acted as modifiers. As a result, tanks and bots got ridiculous speed boosts and it was a bitch to maneuver your forces because the road would draw them like a magnet.

This is road to war, with a very slightly different metal and geo layout, but they are essentially the same. To compensate for the lack of a typemap to draw units to the roads, I raised the roads via the heightmap which causes units to be more likely to use it instead of the sides. This achieves basically the same function as the typemap without a speed boost being involved.

Have fun, it really is a great map :-)