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First you need to download the Spring engine to play on this map.

Maps are ".sd7" or ".sdz" files. To install this files move them into (Unix) ~/.spring/maps
or (Windows) "My Documents\My Games\Spring\Maps".
Use the "Reload maps/games" option from the "Tools" menu in SpringLobby.


File Information

Title / Version RandomMapGen12x12 1.6
Mapsize 12 x 12
License Freeware / Free
Filename randommapgen12x12v1.6.sdz
Filesize 17.86 MB
Date 10/20/2018 - 18:14
Changed 02/26/2019 - 00:49
Publisher / Author PRINCE_doo (Uploaded by PRINCE_doo)


- Lower res square textures
- Skipping minimap tex generation (use the lowres diffuse instead)
- Disable shading texture generation/replacement when advmapshading = 0 to avoid crashes on load

- less mspots per additional square of mapsize
- optimized texture process/removed blur on texture
- optimized/improved heightmap generation
- ensured compat for 9.46 and engine 103

- less geos and less geos added per additional player
- less mspots added per additional players
- always generate for a minimum of 2 players

- Tidal depends on environment
- applied details/normals to ground
- Added geos
- unified metal spots numbers, based on environment type, mapsize, nb of players
- added symtype = 6 => no symetry
- different atmosphere/water/lighting settings for the different atmospheres
- improved texture colors a bit, and optimized texture generation a bit
- attempted to fix incompatibility with some GLSL version by skipping the blurring process in texture generation when incompatibility is detected (the texture wont look nearly as good though)
- added minimap texturing

Still looking for ideas on that "moon" landscape. It feels pretty flat and uninteresting as is.

- Renewed texture generation
- Bit more metal again
- Wind depends on environment if engine version allows it

v1.1 :
- more water maps
- more different map layouts depending on environment
- less metal, globally flatter maps

v1.0 :
- Optimized (reduced heightmap resolution) for release
- More metal per player
- Less impassable slopes overall

v0.6 fixes:
- fixed Gunships flying at lower altitude
- fixed gamestart desyncs
- better randomization