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First you need to download the Spring engine to play on this map.

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Use the "Reload maps/games" option from the "Tools" menu in SpringLobby.

File Information

Title / Version HighJump v9.11
Mapsize 12 x 20
License Freeware / Free
Filename highjumpv9.11.sd7
Filesize 24.91 MB
Date 03/21/2011 - 00:14
Publisher / Author BoSTGI (Uploaded by BoSTGI)
Windspeeds 0-25 Knots
Gravity Force 150 Newton
Start Positions 2



New release!




  • Now there is more time to lava rise, 14 min low ground base and 21 min for medium ground base.
  • Now all bombers is nerfed, half HP, half speed and 2x more buildtime.


  • Now there better texture file.
  • Now there better chronometer, it says the exact minute that the lava will rise.
  • Now there new texture in geos spots.
  • Now there texture in metal spots.
  • Now there a high ground the lava will not reach.


  • now more lava! in high ground to! you can survive?
  • Some changes in texture map.
  • Add new high ground in bases.


  • Is no longer raining.. now this world is about to collapse..
  • In yet another eruption will occur 5 min in the shallow waters..
  • In yet another eruption will occur 5 min but now in the low ground..
  • In yet another eruption will happen five minutes just to reach the center of the map..
  • And the cycle restarts..


The spots metals is a winget, if you not see the metal spots press f11 and search a winget with name "Metal Spots" and turn it on.


See the warning in the screen and prepare for everything!


gadget lava made by knorke

post: http://springrts.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=25517


have fun!