DSD BA REBalance Test

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File Information

Title / Version DSD BA REBalance Test 1
License Freeware / Free
Filename dsd.sd7
Filesize 17.15 MB
Date 10/18/2016 - 20:27
Publisher / Author 7uPShoX (Uploaded by 7uPShoX)
Windspeeds 1-13 Knots
Gravity Force 120 Newton
Start Positions 10


flash hp 598 > 280
flash movepseed 3.6 > 5.5
dps 11 > 33
build time decreased by 800
special dmg to commanders = 11 (default old dmg)

commander wreck metal halved. comm blast aoe 720 > 610, dmg 50k > 15k
t2 builder costs increased

vanguard reload speed reverted back from 8 > 6

flak > removed special damages, changed to flat 300 dmg

T1 AA kbots max speed 1.78 > 2.6, can actually somewhat keep up with assault units now

t2 AA kbots > cost reduced, reload speed decreased > move speed increased

Hard counter testing:
sniper > reduced dmg to tanks (2500>750)
brawler now an "anti tank gunship" dmg 18 > 45 vs tanks only

stump/raider weapon velocity 225 > 325

Added mobile anti nuke to arm t2 vehicle lab and core t2 bot lab

maverick can now be dropped from dead air transports like commando. has emp resistance (but not immune, 6 blades will stun it in around 8 secs. 10+ will almost insta stun)
paralyzmultiplyier > 0.050

new unit > arm sneaker (armsneak)/ core creeper (corcreep)
scout plane made from t2 air plant
has cloak and stealth
energy cost 15730~
metal cost 1500~
1000 sight distance
10ke/tic to stay cloaked. allows scouting through enemy fighter patrol without having to spam a billion t1 scouts
but still very costly to achieve. not economical to keep it patrolling enemy base unless you have ridiculous eco already and should have won!

T1 Artillery:
accel 0.01 > 0.05
speed increase 1.87 > 2.1
horrible turn rate 150
range increase 710 > 875
accuracy reduce 275 > 750
reload time 3.5 > 1.75
dmg 150 > 95
cost 135 > 109m
health reduce 556 > 200
seems ok. turn rate makes them need around 8~9 seconds to gtfo if you get counter attacked.
cant just kite them in and out all the time being op

fusion economy> afus have metalmakers included for + 5 mm buildtime and e cost + 40% build time penalty overall. Rushing afus straight away becomes less desirable/slow. Afus economy is still the strongest, but it is now better to go normal fusion first then afus. Allows for more dynamic play as your economy gets going faster. solo test showed income over time more or less balances out after 20+ mins if you still chooose to "rush" the afus, but your downtime is equivalent to building 3~ regular fusions at start.

current eco settings: 100:1 for t1 mms, 70:1 for t2 65:1 for afus

defences now cost economy to run. formula (there are a few exceptions that have been manually tweaked as they dont work mathematically) dmg*metal cost/fire rate/10,000. porcing no longer costs nothing if under attack, remains "free" if both players porc though.