Desert Needle Small

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File Information

Title / Version Desert Needle Small 3.2
Mapsize 14 x 12
License Freeware / Free
Filename desertneedlesmallv032.sd7
Filesize 19.38 MB
Date 11/19/2013 - 23:24
Changed 03/30/2016 - 21:43
Publisher / Author qray (Uploaded by qray)
Windspeeds 5-25 Knots
Gravity Force 130 Newton
Start Positions 8


V3 NOW with MORE SYMMETRY! Feature PRICES SLASHED by a factor of five! For the CRAZY they can be hammered down to ZERO! And for the TOTALLY INSANE set back to V2 values! New height map and COMPLETELY NEW texture!

Desert map with rock mountains (hardness 700) and softer sand zones (hardness 175). On rocks tanks/bots have a sightly higher speed (tanks:+20%,bots:+10%).
Metal, wind and feature values can be set in map options as well as the time of day.
Includes widget to display map options before game start.

-improved mapoptions info widget (movable, closable, disabled in ZK)
-only name/version number changed, update due to problems with autohosts
-Now really symmetric (revised heightmap)
-new texture; new splat details / specular map
-Normal setting: much less reclaimable metal and energy (1/5)
-some more metal spots
-switched from smd to map blueprint container
-partly new features
-map options for metal, wind, feature values, time of day
-widget to show map options for metal, wind and features before game start
V02: first playable and released version
V01: never released

Based on offical map blueprint container by jK.
Skyboxes and some splat detail texes from smoth and Beherith.
Features by smoth and 0ad from Spring Features 1.0 pack by Forboding Angel (models are included in map -> no dependency to avoid problems with auto-downloading).

scripts GPL 2.0, map CC BY 3.0, features CC 3.0 BY-SA