DeltaSiegeDry Revolution v2.5

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File Information

Title / Version DeltaSiegeDry Revolution v2.5
License Freeware / Free
Filename deltasiegedry_revolution_v2.5.sdz
Filesize 23.78 MB
Date 07/06/2012 - 20:27
Changed 07/08/2012 - 07:25
Publisher / Author Senninha (Uploaded by Senninha)
Windspeeds 1-13 Knots
Gravity Force 120 Newton
Start Positions 2


Just DsD with some changes for BA

First of all This is a release for fun nothing more, the intention is not damage the mod, corrupt,
or any bad things
Changelog DSD Revolution v2.5:

-Fatboy Range increased [710 to 775]
-Golly Range increased [700 to 720]
-Sniper Range increased [900 to 950], energy pershot increased [500 to 600], HP decreased [520 to 320]
-Can hp decreased [4850 to 4150]
-Banisher range increased [950 to 1050], Damage increased [1000 to 1250]
-Pene range increased [950 to 1000]


-Viper and Pitbull range increased [730 to 810]
-Doomsday LOS increased [780 to 1000], Buildtime decreased [85276 to 65276], Metalcost increased
[2478 to 4078]
-Annihilator LOS increased [900 to 1500], Buildtime decreased [92563 to 72563], Metalcost increased
[3485 to 4485]
-Buzzsaw range increased to 6450
-Vulcan range increased to 6000
-Tabi and Influence +800 Range

Changelog DSD Revolution v2.3:

-New Geo spots added
-Fixed Dominator tag Onlytargetcategory
-Karganeth Metalcost decreased [2820 to 2320],Energycost decreased [58764 to 48764]
-Krogtaar is now autorepair bot, Buildtime Increased [101125 to 212600]
-Gorilla HP nerfed [72600 to 62600]
-Orcone HP increased [107000 to 119000], Removed shielded on description
-Fixed t1 hover aa shoting at land
-Tabitha/Influence +200 range
-Tabitha Reloadtime decreased to 4 minutes

Changelog DSD Revolution v2.1:

New Changes; [All the changes are in the standalone mod Challenge]

-Unit_stats widget improved thanks Niobium
-Movement and pathing improved on units
-Maxslope increased +2 to improve pathing

-T3 runs over dragons teeth
-Nanos +5% buildtime
-LLT damage against com buffed +5%
-Hllt, Beamer damage against com buffed +10%
-Dragons teeth height lowered 15%
-Dominator Weapontimer fixed, now it should hit the target at max range, thanks [teh]decay
-T1 transport +60 hp, atlas 300, valkaine 310
-Air repair pad repairtime increased [1000 to 6500]
-ICBM Core Launcher back to 3 minutes stockpile

Changes between BA and this Mapmod [All the changes are in the standalone mod Challenge]


-Allow faction change disabled
-All AA damage increased 25%, Mobile and statonary, Only AA
-Commander gains +500 hp, now 3500 hp
-T1 constructor hovercraft turnrate increased
-T1 and T2 constructor vehicle increased turnrate, now they turn faster

Unit limit, [Anti lag spam];

-All scouts now limit number 60 units max
-AK and Peewe unit limit now set to 70
-Flash unit limit now set to 100
-Gator unit limit now set to 100

Stationary Buildings:

T1 Factorys;

-Decreased buildtime by 2000 and metalcost by 100 on all t1 factorys
-Core Amphibious complex metalcost increased [917 to 1788], energycost increased [5285 to 13444],
Added amphibious crawling bomb and Shiva
-Arm Amphibious complex metalcost increased [860 to 1696], energycost increased [5144 to 15380],
Added amphibious crawling bomb and Marauder

T1 Defenses;

-Guardian Range nerfed [1220 to 1075], metalcost reduced 50%, Impulse power on hight traj disabled,
damage against commander improved on hight trajectory, [1280/1366], buildtime increased +30%
-Punisher Range nerfed [1245 to 1090], metalcost reduced 50%, Impulse power on hight traj disabled,
damage against commander improved on hight trajectory, [1280/1366], buildtime increased +30%
-Beamer laser improved [fixed bug with the laser shot], Buildtime increased +30%
-Double LLT buildtime increased +30%
-Hlt's buildtime increased +30%
-Viper/Pitbull buildtime increased +30%
-Advanced torpedo launchers are now Underwater Advanced Torpedo Launchers
-Dragon;s maw/claw buildtime increased +30%
-Double llt head llt range increased to 510, reloadtime slighty reduced [0.4 to 0.3]
-SAM AA hp nerfed [2500 to 1600]
-Chainsaw range increased [1250 to 1420]
-Eradicator range increased [1250 to 1450]

T2 Defenses;

-Tachyon accelerator damage against legendary,jugg increased x3, buildtime increased +80%
-Doomsday Machine range increased [1000 to 1150], Damage against Legendary,jugg increased x3, buildtime increased +80%
-Tachyon accelerator hp increased to 8800, damage increased to 16.000, cost increased by 20%
-Doomsday hp increased to 14600, head damage increased to 9000, cost increased by 20%

-Bertha range reduced [5500 to 4900], reloadtime reduced [13.2 to 9]
-Intimidator range reduced [5800 to 5050], reloadtime reduced [16 to 11]
-Vulcan hp increased x2, Metalcost increased [42363 to 66363], Buildtime increased + 40%,
range reduced [5750 to 5100]
-Buzzsaw hp increased x2, Metalcost increased [40575 to 64363], Buildtime increased +40%,
range reduced [6100 to 5450]
-Nuke Animation effect improved
-Stationary flaks range increased [775 to 980]

-Shield now starts with 70% of its capacity, radius increased to 600, shieldpower now go to 15.000
-Emp range increased to 5400, damage increased to 99000
-Stationary tactical nuke range increased to 3500
-Core nuke now reloads to 120 seconds, needs more energy and metal caused by reload speed
-Core Behemoth hp increased to 8000, range raised to 1800, damage increased by 10%
-Arm safe geo HP increased 12500 to 21500
-Moho exploiter hp increased to 5000, Hide the damage to enemy
-Toast range increased to 1430, Hightgun damage increased 15%
-Ambusher range increased to 1420, Hightgun damage increased 15%
-Screamer, Mercury range increased to 3100, hp increased +1000 hp to each, areaofeffect increased to 400

Eco buildings;
-T2 moho metalmakers Metalcost increased 15%, energy cost increased 20%, buildtime increased 10%


-kbot and vehicles units metalcost and energycost reduced 10%.
-Warrior hp slighty increased [1300 to 1412], range slighty increased [330 to 345].
-Hammer speed 5% increased
-Thud HP slighty decreased [1020 to 940], metalcost 10% increased


-Rapier gunship turnrate fire fixed, now should hit move targets
-Dragonfly HP increased [1050 to 1680]
-Seahook HP increased [1800 to 2400]
-Hawk energycost increased +2500, hp increased [335 to 435]
-Vamp energycost increased +2600, hp increased [260 to 400]
-Liche impulse increased [2 to 4], now it can bounce the commanders

-Fatboy range increased [700 to 750], hp reduced [7000 to 6000]
-Golly HP reduced [7000 to 6000], range slighty increased [650 to 700]
-Fido hp increased [1150 to 1450]
-Amphibious Crawlingbombs speed reduced 20%
-Skuttle heavybomb speed slighty improved [1.75 to 2.10]
-Mobile antinukes missile speed improved 15%
-Pillager range raised to 1120
-Luger range raised to 1110
-Dominator Damage slighty increased [750 to 820]
-Merl range increased to 1480, damage increased to 2600, areaofeffect increased to 130
-Diplomat Range increased to 1500, damage increased to 3200, areaofeffect increased to 140
-Maverick Hp increased to 1320, autohealthspeed increased [50 to 80]
-Banisher range increased [800 to 900]

-T2 freaker now builds sumo
-Consul now builds gremlins


-Bantha metalcost reduced by 15%
-Razorback hp increased to 15800, damage slighty decreased ~6%
-Shiva hp increased to 13200, energycost increased 60%
-Karganeth now uses all weapons, added head banisher missile, speed improved, cost increased by 25%
Weapon 1 and Weapon 2 no longer shot air, only third weapon does
-Catapult now fires 32 missiles instead of 20, reloadtime 20 seconds
-Krog HP increased +40.000, metalcost slighty reduced ~8%
-Marauder speed decreased 10%, hp increased to 5600
-Juggernaught Buildtime increased +40%, speed slighty improved [0.75 to 0.85], HP increased [300.000 to 440.000],
LOS reduced

New Units

-Added new Annihilation gun's [Tabitha and Influence], They both are ended game guns.
Range 5300 for Influence and 5200 for Tabitha, Cannon when shooted non stopable,
5 minutes to load

-Added widget Unit stats [keep pressing space bar and move the mouse over the units to see stats]
-Added widget Blast radius [select a unit and press x + space bar to see blast radius stats]

-Added 11 new t2 hovers for arm side
-Added 9 new t2 hovers for core side

-Added Legendary for arm side t3 gantry
-Added orcone for arm side t3 gantry
-Added tankanotor for t2 vehicleplant arm side
-Added krogtaar for t3 gantry core side
-Added Gorilla for core side t3 gantry
-Added mobile tac nuke for t2 vehicle plant core side