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File Information

Title / Version DeltaSiege Morph v2
Mapsize 20 x 10
License Freeware / Free
Filename DeltaSiege Morph v2.sd7
Filesize 38.52 MB
Date 05/16/2010 - 18:51
Changed 01/01/2011 - 19:16
Publisher / Author Senna (Uploaded by Senna)
Windspeeds 1-13 Knots
Gravity Force 120 Newton
Start Positions 10




-Hills now got more elevation, increased slope on vehicles to cross better hight elevations


-Airepairpad, repairtime increased x20
-Ambusher range increased[1320 - 1520]
-Tachyon accelerator range increased [1400 - 1650], HP Increased [5500 - 8950]
-Doomsday Machine head weapon range increased [950 - 1200]health increased[10000 - 14200]
-Toaster Range Increased [1335 - 1520]
-New Arm Hero for Arm side
-Sonic cannon range reduced[550 - 480]
-Slicer energy cost increased[970 - 2567]
-Fireball tank energy cost decreased[22997 - 9997]
-Reduced Firespeed on stationary flakkers
-Reduced firespeed of Upgraded chainsaws/eradicators

-Slasher,Samson requires more xp to be morphed into a t2 con
-Thud,hamer requires more xp to be morphed into a t2 con
-Rocko and storm requires more xp to morph into engineers

-Perseurs damage reduced[425 - 90]ReloadTime reduced [1 - 0.3]
-Tremor range increased[1275 - 1575]
-Immunetoparalyzer=1; Tag added in Monkeylord,Praetorian and Legendary
No longer they will be easy to paralyze

-All corpses with his names and metal values fixed
-Luger Turn turret speed decreased, Angle of fire decreased, energy cost increased by 2400
-Pillager turnt turret speed decreased, Angle of fire decreased, energy cost increased by 2480
-Slicer turn turret speed increased
-Terroriser maxangledif tag added, now is like banisher on core just for arm
-Rocko and Storm kbot require xp for hight tech increased
-Janus and leveler require xp for hight tech decreased
-Now last RC (tech 4) it transforms into a OPS center
-Superkrog metalcost reduced by 36.000
-Superbantha metalcost reduced by 32.000
-Devastator (Hero) Metalcost reduced by 50.000
-Exxec turn turret speed decreased, less damage against commanders
-gladiator range reduced by 100, energy cost increased 4000
-KryptoBlaster energy require on on increased [500 - 5400], energy required on shot multiplied x10 times
damage nerfed

-Removed t1 nukes and t1 antinukes
-Removed eco cons from all t1 labs, now they into eco com
-Comander now can be morphed into 2 diff coms, 1 ecoing commander other batle commander
-Goliath hp increased [7000 - 9000], speed raised, range decreased [650 - 600], Metal cost increased 500
-Fatboy range decreased [800 - 700]
-Bulldog hp increased [4200 - 5400]
-Reaper hp increased [4900 - 5000]
-Demolisher speed increased
-Black tiger and titan explosion changed
-Submarines now allowed to build antimatter advanced fusions
-Advanced Core Nuke speed decreased
-T2 Antinukes and Advanced antinukes aoe increased
-Pitbull tank hp increased [9200 - 10400], turret turnrate speed increased
-Pitbull is now after bulldog, its considered his Upgraded
-Reduced Number of Techs, 7 to 4
-T2 Hover behegoli sized to 1.6 of normal
-Hp on arm juggernaut increased[31639 - 46639]
-Hp on core gorilla increased[34600 - 48600]
-All Upgraded units removed from buildlist


-New t3 vehicle lab and vehicle units:

-Total 5;
-Moved krypto-Blaster from t3 kbot lab [arm] because its a vehicle than a kbot unit

So means total 6, 3 for both sides

-Only t2 vehicle can make the lab and doesnt require Research center


-T3 Atlantis heavy batle ship renamed to Nemo Heavy artillery batleship
-Nemo hp increased[7020 - 21420],reload time decreased [2.8 - 0.7]
-Tryumpmh Long Ranger wepaon reloadtime decreased [1.75 - 0.60]
-Tyrant Long ranger weapon reloadtime decreased [1.2 - 0.60]

-Mamba, hp increased[1002 - 3502], prices, weapon and speed similar to bulldog
-Visitor, Texturebug fixed, hp increased[800 - 1100], now have flashtank weapon,
metalcost reduced [258 - 208]
-Python, hp increased [900 - 1000], prices, weapon and speed similar to panther
-Undertow, no changes
-Devastator renamed to Destruitor
-Destruitor, hp increased [1450 - 2850], prices, weapon and speed similar as penetrator
-Iguana, no changes
-Long Tom, hp increased [986 - 3100], now have HLT weapon
-Tempest, hp increased [6500 - 15650],metalcost increased [3450 - 5450], damage increased

-Behemoth renamed to behegoli:
-Behegoli, hp increased [1002 - 6516], prices weapon and speed similar to goliath
-matcher, hp increased [900 - 1800]
-venom, hp increased [1200 4350], metalcost reduced[3200 - 1900] energycost reduced by 10.000
-angler, no changes
-frog, no changes
-Adonis, hp increased [6800 - 19800], weaponary damage increased, Metal cost increased 2000


-Reduced Number of techs, 5 to 4
-T2 factorys/Units no longer will need For Research center to be built
-T2 factorys more expensive than in normal BA
-T2 cons now more expensive, No longer they will be able to made Defenses, They done to build economy
all hp,buildtime increased
-T2 hover cons more expensive
-New engineers on t2 airlabs
-New engineer on t2 core vehicle plant

-Small fusion energy cost increased [19.000 - 41.480]
-Prude health increased [12500 - 19800]
-Advanced Prude Health Decreased[6500 - 2100], Metalcost increased [500 - 2100]

-some of normal t1 t2 units can be morphed to a better units always when they get some experience

-Now almost all t1 units can be morphed into upgraded of them, some of them in t2 units and t2 cons
-Also some of t2 units can be morphed into t3 or upgraded of them
-Players on front gets more chance to tech than on back, since u can upgrade t1 to t2 cons with experience in combat


-Comander now can be upgraded without requiring an XP
-Morph Batle comanders cost half of the price than ecoing commanders


-Added gui_blast_radius widget [now u can see unit blast radius clicking x + space]
-Added snd_volume widget [now u can set the volume ingame]
-Added stockpile_dynamic.lua widget [u can set the number of stockpile manually]
-Added unit_bomber_control.lua [This set for bombers specially to hit different targets at once]
-Added gui_unit_stats.lua (Thanks Niobium) [This widget it shows the damage,cost,range,radar distance,etc
just drag ur mouse with spacebar cliked and it open a window that show u the values of different units]
-Added New Widget Gui_Morph_indicator.lua from [Teh]Numpty.
That indicates the range of a unit when reachs the level necesary for morph


Research center tech by tech and costs

-Tech 1 = gives on all labs = ecobuilder, on all t1 cons = pocket fusion;
Prices = 1000metal 10.000 energy

Tech 2 = Gives buzzsaw,vulcan silos
Prices = 2000 metal

Tech 3 = Gives able to build nuke and rest of new units
Prices = 5000 metal

Tech 4 = Give chance to tech4
Prices = Make 10 advanced fus or 2 mega fus before tech it plz i recomend you

have fun playing

kudos to zwzsg to made me good gadgets also Numpty for his help with widgets:
Thanks for all moddevs DeadnightWarrior for script and unit support, Overkill,Lurker, for helping me resolving stuffs,
TheFatControler to gime rights to make a mutator of his mod and helping me too doing stuff.
OptimusPrime,Azaremoth for model 3d Of Final Frontier Mod,
and thanks for players Kylost,Riedel,Nixtux,TGI, For Test.thanks u all for made this posible.