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File Information

Title / Version CorePrimeCorridor V3.3
Mapsize 26 x 4
License Freeware / Free
Filename coreprimecorridor-v3.3.sd7
Filesize 25.18 MB
Date 04/30/2015 - 11:15
Changed 05/29/2016 - 01:08
Publisher / Author FabriceFABS (Uploaded by FabriceFABS)
Windspeeds 30-30 Knots
Gravity Force 112 Newton
Start Positions 6


CorePrimeCorridor V3.3


Here it is CorePrimeCorridor : « Fight for metal-war »
An idea of Jonnnny5.
1v1 to 3v3 team player map. Tested with BA / BAR and BA(R) Chicken Defense MODs too.
Metal is +2,3 everywhere, radius = 20.
No fusion on begin. However, on BAR games possibility to enable it with «!mo_freefusion 1».

***30/04/2015*** V1.0
First release.

***02/05/2015*** V1.3
- MinHeight to 0 fixed to 300 & MaxHeight fixed to 500.
[Thx TeaBag for his great support to resolve this] >> Nukes don't stay anymore in the ICBM launcher : It is launched !! It got all it needs in heigh for going on its destination.

***11/05/2015*** V1.4, V1.5
- Fix on bad version map file,
Thanks Jonnnny5 for remind me the default «S.M.» values as :
- New wind value in now 30,
- New default metal extraction is now +23.
- Type « !metal low » for low metal extraction value (+2,3 as a low «S.M» map),
- Type « !metal high » for high metal extraction value (+46),

***28/05/2016*** V3.3
- Add a space skybox, thanks to.... ? That made it,
- Remake texture map for a better map ambiance like a factory / warehouse / metal ambiance,
- Add 4x DNTS (Detail Normal Texture Splatting) !  Review of SpecularTex, Add a SplatDetailTex + SplatDistrTex (Spring 101 at least required for those special effects working),
- Explosions generate less hills,
- New screenshots !
- Various littles fixes related to map version declarations and link to smf file {abma}.

Have fun Laughing