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File Information

Title / Version BlockWars-FFA V2.5
Mapsize 20 x 20
License Freeware / Free
Filename blockwars-ffa_v2.5.sd7
Filesize 38.12 MB
Date 01/26/2016 - 22:51
Changed 05/29/2016 - 00:39
Publisher / Author FabriceFABS (Uploaded by FabriceFABS)



Here it is OTA BlockWars map remake : « Battling through the Core Prime Suburbs. »
This is the FFA version of BlockWars-V1.6.
Start position made for FFA game play, upto 16 players.

***26/01/2016*** V1.6, -> V2.0 :
Initial release took from BlockWars-V1.6.
Small fix on mapînfo.

***11/03/2016*** V2.3 :
For this update, all credits goes to Beherith.
New screenshots !
- Add a skybox Eta Carinae dark Beherith !
- Remake texture map for a better map ambiance like a factory / warehouse / metal ambiance,
- Add a Detail Normal Texture Splatting !
- Review of SpecularTex, Add a SplatDetailTex + SplatDistrTex.
Special Thanks to you for sharing your knowledge + expertise to bring me the key graph that I need actually by lack of habit,


***24/03/2016*** V2.5 :
- Various littles fixes related to map version declarations and link to smf file {abma}.

Have fun Laughing