Azure Rampart

First you need to download the Spring engine to play on this map.

Maps are ".sd7" or ".sdz" files. To install this files move them into (Unix) ~/.spring/maps
or (Windows) "My Documents\My Games\Spring\Maps".
Use the "Reload maps/games" option from the "Tools" menu in SpringLobby.

File Information

Title / Version Azure Rampart
Mapsize 16 x 16
License / Free
Filename azure_rampart_1.1_acidic.sd7
Filesize 596.41 KB
Date 08/09/2019 - 22:46
Publisher / Author (Uploaded by sprang_)


The classic Azure Rampart, with the impassable water done in a more "physical" way, i.e. with acidic water instead of a typemap.

The acidic water also has some acidy splashes.

All credit of the original map goes to zwzsg.