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File Information

Title / Version Anteer Strait 2.00
Mapsize 18 x 18
License Freeware / Free
Date 03/19/2010 - 15:51
Changed 04/23/2015 - 12:21
Publisher / Author Jools_ (Uploaded by Jools_)


Anteer Strait
Cavedog remake by Jools

(Almost) original description:
"Fight in an iceburg filled ocean. Strong tides."

Size 18 x 18 (19 x 19 in OTA)
Tileset Ice
Tidal Strength +25 e
Wind Speed +1 e to +24 e
Gravity 112% of Empyrrean standard

Map Source Multiplayer TA CD (totala2.hpi)
Minimum RAM 32 MB

Recommended for 3 players.

Motivation for map strategy and design considerations
Anteer Strait becomes normally quite porcy in spring, with people just staying on their islands and teching. This is because there is quite little metal in centre in relation to what it costs to wage wars with other players (map is usually played as 3 player FFA). Therefore to fix this, we could have planted underwater metal spots, but instead we have chose a similar approach to make it important to control terrain: using the meteor storms as resource. Aliens may appear from falling meteors, and since the spawning of the meteors is completely random, the more surface you control, the more meteors will fall in your territory, and aliens join per default the closest player.

Some of the aliens are quite powerful, but this depends on mod too (only some default aliens are included, the rest are supplied by mod). Tested quickly to work with XTA, BA, BOTA and SA.

Changelog for version 2.00 (RC)

- Remade the terrain completely with Carrara
- Increased damage caused by meteors
- Added CEG-effects when meteors impact, only done once per meteor so should not cause lag
- Impact on water is now a different CEG, and it has a splash sound.
- Added a basic AI that handles aliens
- Added a graphic UI that displays info related to the aliens
- Fixed many bugs, for instance, aliens are now paralysed when surviving a crash.

Changelog for version 1.00
- Map option: choose between an advanced or simple joining mode. In advanced mode aliens are more likely to join a team that has a special unit that attracts them (the join the team that has the closest special unit).
- Includes a gadget that announces when a player has taken the lead in terms of number of kills

Changelog for version 0.99 (RC2)
- Optimised for performance, removed CEG-effect from meteors, which greatly reduces CPU-usage
- Map option to add custom units. They work by writing internal unit names (by mod) in a comma separated list such as ark_fark, core_storm, arm_spider etc.
- Map option to set meteor spread
- Map option to enable the level 4 unit of fleagoth.
- Map option to adjust the amount of aliens spawned (tweaked the default number a bit up because they were not having an impact on game).

Changelog for version 0.98 (RC)
- Meteors completely redone because of change in OpenGL shader (which broke previous version). They now make a small amount of damage, but with many meteors this can be considerable in total.
- Aliens may appear from meteors (map option). The type of aliens that can appear (as well as the probability) depends on the cumulative amount of meteors that have fallen.
- Aliens may join nearest player (map option: set distance = 0 to disable)
- Map option: enable sound alerts before meteors storms
- Map option: adjust the base number of meteors per storm
- Map option: set grace period before meteor storms can appear
- Map option: set maximum water depth where meteors can leave a remaint (rock or alien)
- Map option: set interval between meteor storms
- Adjusted terrain to make metal spots more visible without displaying metal map.

Changelog for version 0.48
- Randomised weather
- Map option to enable/disable weather forecasts

Changelog for version 0.36
- Fixed wind to ota values
- Map option includes weather condition