quadripod tank model (fido) .3do

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Title / Version quadripod tank model (fido) .3do
License Freeware / Free
Filename quadturn3.3do
Filesize 34.9 KB
Date 04/20/2012 - 07:59
Publisher / Author depreciator (Uploaded by depreciator)


im coming again at my passion to make design without minding about animdef modeling taxturing animdef and that so fun to me and so rare :
so i need now to make the animdef fiting to this and since im so slow to release the mod that contain my poor product i prefere to release all files ended(in the case i die before or im again bored for a year)
(by ended i mean my concept design is pleasing me so )
so its an old obsolete .3do files edited with 3dobuilder with perface texture(not provided with)
this a quadripod with 4piece leg and some smoke empty & a empty on each foot for make nice bubbles in water