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Title / Version VbsLuaPackV8
License Freeware / Free
Filename VbsLuaPackV8.zip
Filesize 1.53 MB
Date 03/28/2008 - 02:38
Changed 01/02/2011 - 18:42
Publisher / Author fR4g (Uploaded by fR4g)


by very_bad_soldier

VbsLuaPack v8

This pack has been update to work with Spring 0.76. Some widgets are gone, cause I couldn't get them work,
but the essentials are there.

Cause I'm tired of downloading each single script when I install spring, I made a pack
of LUA scripts I use. Maybe useful for others as well. Credits go to the authors of the scripts, I only made a pack of them.

To upgrade the included IceUI to the latest version, run "LuaUI\\Widgets\\IceUI\\Accessories\\Updater..."!

RankIcons trepan,quantum and jK
IdleBuilders - NEW Ray
UnitGroups v5.1 gunblob
Share Units Widget v0.8 MelTrax (can directly be used from IceUI)
Display DPS v1.1 TheFatController
Factory Auto-Repeat TheFatController
My Metal Maker Widget v2.62 TheFatController
Auto Group Licho
Start Point Remover TheFatController
Don't Move Widget v2 quantum
Transport assist Licho&Ray
Energy Stall Assist v1.3 TheFatController
IceUI Meltrax
Build ETA trepan
FPSManager quantum
ReclaimInfo Pendrokar

1. Copy the "LuaUI"-folder to your spring directory. (There is already a LuaUI-directory existing.)
(2. Enable LuaUI in your spring settings (settings.exe) )