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Title / Version Unit Losses Counter (enemy+ally+self) v1.35
License Freeware / Free
Filename gui_lossescounter.lua
Filesize 9.14 KB
Date 08/21/2011 - 06:38
Changed 11/19/2012 - 01:14
Publisher / Author xponen (Uploaded by xponen)


"gui_lossesCounter.lua" (v1.35) can count enemy (unit) death, allies' (unit) death, and also count your (unit) death.

This information can help you determine your tactical efficiency; less death imply an excellent use of countermeasure and micro control, while the opposite means that you are wasting units.

How it work:
It count the wreckage left over by exploding unit during battle (for the enemy), and count the official unit-death-report (for ally & self).

Can't count pulverized enemy (BA's air), wreckage count maybe inaccurate (when you reclaim fast enough), and some surface feature could be mistaken as unit wreckage (with the name "wreckage" or "debris").

Its count is quite reliable but not aimed for absolute accuracy.
A little green button reset the count and re-initialize the widget.

*visual interface based on "EnergyConversion" widget by Niobium. :)

Version 1.2 count the enemy death properly with LOS. It contain a table that save previously encountered wreckage.
Version 1.3 can distinguish morphing from unit destroyed (ie: ZK).
Version 1.35 can count chicken death (ZK), and fixed a bug of detecting allied wreckage as enemy death.