Smart area reclaim+

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File Information

Title / Version Smart area reclaim+
License Freeware / Free
Filename unit_smart_area_reclaim_plus.lua
Filesize 9.97 KB
Date 12/04/2020 - 17:53
Changed 12/31/2020 - 09:16
Publisher / Author flower (Uploaded by tulipe)


Smart area reclaim+.

Smart area reclaim widget with extra ability to suck only metal wrecks not resurrectables if you start drag a reclaim command above a non resurrectable wreck.
(And only resurrectable wrecks if you start reclaim above a resurrectable wreck.)

This widget should work with ba11 or byar (beyond all reason) or ba 10.24.

On the illustration image you could see 3 rezzers with 3 differents orders :
From the left to the right :
-one rezzer with a reclaim command started above the ground.
-one rezzer with a reclaim command started above a resurrectable unit.
-one rezzer with a reclaim command started above a not resurrectable unit.

Download of this widget:
Click on "DOWNLOAD" button. Then on the new page which should appear after clicking on the button, right click on the link "SMART AREA RECLAIM+.LUA" (and not just "Click the link to start your download:", as I saw written), and choose "save link as..." (or something like this, eventually wrote in your language) and choose a folder where to download the file.

Folder where place this this widget:
-for windows, you should put it in C:\Users\your_current_account_name\Documents\My Games\Spring\LuaUI\Widgets. Or maybe another folder (eventualy, see
-for linux (at least some linux distributions (for example ubuntu)), I'm unsure, but I think you should put it in ~./spring/LuaUI/Widgets

To see if the widget is activated, ingame:
After placing the file in the folder, you should see the widget ingame in the list after pressed the F11 key. Widget should appears after the widgets wrote with an asterisk at the end. The name of this widget should be "Smart area reclaim+".