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Title / Version RoN Taunts Lua 1.004
License Freeware / Free
Filesize 38.57 MB
Date 02/25/2012 - 05:32
Changed 02/24/2013 - 00:36
Publisher / Author PepeAmpere (Uploaded by PepeAmpere)


Currently the code is still horrible, soon the new much better version is released.


--- 1.004
- added support for new nota pack folder structure
--- 1.003
- small changes in .ini file
--- 1.002
- taunts moved to LuaUI folder
--- 1.001
- some small repairs, one misscoding fixed
- antispam default number 2=>3

--- 1.000 ---
+ added another 899 taunts (so 999 now)

--- 0.92 ---
+ added neutral taunt (0) that changes sending key from [numDEL] to [SPACE]
+ classic number keys working too

--- 0.91 ---
+ repaired sending message error

--- 0.90 first public ---
+ added messages in cosole - now it should be working for multiplayer correctly

--- 0.82 ---
+ repaired silly bug in ini. speedup to enable taunts in not_player_hosted games

--- 0.80 ---
+ first test release

- extract it in you main spring folder (= after that you should have content in right folders - check above, what is "content")

- if you type on NUMerical keyboard or classic numerical keys some <1-999> code of taunt and press sending_key [numDEL] after, message is sent
- if you dont have NUMerical keyboard, write "(0)" into console and your sending_key is now [SPACE]. If you do that again, sending_key is [numDEL] again.
- theres antispam, that does not play more that 2 taunts of one player in row or in last 5 comments (he need to say something without taunt string or let talk other players to let play sounds again)
- text versions of taunts in console when sent

not working yet
- GUI for adding numbers of commands
- GUI buttons with icons of tactic commands and conversiation figures
- ally, spec, one player specific sending
- antispam numbers hardcoded, not changeable in game

- 999 .ogg files and one _taunts.ini file in "notalobby/_taunts/" folder
- gui_ron_taunts.lua file in "LuaUI/Widgets/" folder

example of use
- you press [1][2][numDEL] and the game send message:
": (12) This noobs rushing me!"
and play sound with this sentence.
- you press [enter][(][0][)][enter] (send message in cosole "(0)") and your sending key is now [SPACE]
- if you want to say the same taunt as in first example, you need to push these buttons now: [1][2][SPACE]

list of taunts