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Title / Version OTA Music Player Adv
License Freeware / Free
Filename gui_OTA_music_adv.zip
Filesize 26.56 MB
Date 08/11/2009 - 01:01
Changed 01/02/2011 - 18:42
Publisher / Author Blackhole12 (Uploaded by Blackhole12)


Written by Vebyast and Erik McClure (blackhole12)

Although there are TA music widgets out there, they're either mod-specific, buggy, actually broken, or just plain not cool enough to do justice to the game. I and a buddy decided to fix this problem. Therefore, we present a generic, non-buggy, much improved (at least in our opinion) TA music widget.

- All tracks are selected randomly from separate war and peace soundtracks, as in OTA.
- Decides between war or peace based on a decaying function of the metal cost of all units that you and your allies have lost.
- No ping-pong, so once the widget decides that war has been declared it will spend at least some time playing one of the awesome war music tracks.
- The values at which war or peace are declared are modified by the total metal cost of all of your and your ally's units. If it's the end of the game, sending a scout force of five weasels won't suddenly start war music.
- Multiple text commands to deal with the playlist, including:
- /luaui nextsong, to advance to a randomly selected track in the same set.
- /luaui forcewar, so that you can listen to the awesome sound of total annihilation
- /luaui musicvolume, so that you can control the volume of the music independently of the volume of the rest of the game.
- If you don't like the values that we've tested, modifying them is extremely simple, and a full explanation is given inside the file.
- Changelog is in file, but possibly out-of-date version is included here.

To use, unzip the folder with the music in it into spring's install directory as a subdirectory (so you have tracks in \\spring\\music), and copy the lua file into \\spring\\LuaUI\\widgets.