My Metal Maker Widget v2.70

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Title / Version My Metal Maker Widget v2.70
License Freeware / Free
Filename unit_improved_metal_maker.lua
Filesize 9.86 KB
Date 10/22/2008 - 11:09
Changed 01/02/2011 - 17:42
Publisher / Author TheFatController (Uploaded by TheFatController)


[color=white][u]Changelog 2.70[/u]
- Removed code that handled the energy received bug that was fixed in 77b5.
- Changed GiveOrderToUnit to GiveOrderToUnitMap, means much less command spam.
- Increased update speed a bit with this in mind.

- Automatically controls individual metal makers to keep your energy hovering at 50% with little pingpong. (the target level can be changed).
- Always uses more efficient metal makers first.
- Always gives priority to non-metal maker energy use.
- Turns off metal makers when you have full metal.

/luaui energyhover 0.5 - Sets the desired energy target
/luaui forcestall - turns on all metalmakers until you estall

- Please disable any and all other metal maker widgets before using this, they will intefere with it and it wont work very well