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Title / Version Middle mouse camera/button widget 2
License Freeware / Free
Filename cmd_disable_middle_mouse_click_above_the_map.lua
Filesize 538 bytes
Date 03/03/2020 - 10:36
Changed 10/04/2020 - 17:21
Publisher / Author tulipe (Uploaded by tulipe)
Website(s) https://github.com/tulipe7/scripts_for_springrts#purpose-of-cmd_middle_mouse_but...


This widget should avoid, at least for some mods, camera like blocked with only few capacity to move / or super fast camera (blocked or fast, it should depend the engine version and/or the camera mode) when middle mouse button is clicked above the map (with overhead camera mode or fps camera mode or rot overhead camera mode), and if middle mouse button is not held. But by enabling this widget, it should disable for you the possibility, at least in overhead camera mode, to navigate on map by holding middle mouse button. This widget shouldn't disable the capacity to navigate with middle mouse button above the minimap.

Download of this widget:
At https://springfiles.com/downloadmain/33005 right click on the link "cmd_middle_mouse_button.lua" (and not just "Click the link to start your download:", as I saw written), and choose "save link as..." (or something like this, eventually wrote in your language) and choose a folder where to download the file.

Installation of this widget:
-if you are under windows, you should put it in C:\Users\your_current_account_name\Documents\My Games\Spring\LuaUI\Widgets. Or maybe another folder (eventualy, see https://springrts.com/wiki/Lua_Widgets)
-if you are under linux (at least some linux distributions (for example ubuntu)), I'm unsure, but I think you should put it in ~./spring/LuaUI/Widgets
After placing it in the folder, you should see the widget ingame in the list after pressed the F11 key. Widget should appears after the widgets wrote with an asterisk at the end. The name of this widget should be "Middle mouse button".

(Edit: widget upgraded to version 2, may 27, 2020: at least name and description of the widget changed.)
Edit - 9 june 2020: From what I remenber, a widget similar of this one was added in ba 9.78.0 and I'm unsure but maybe some players lost ability to scroll up (or down) with 9.78.0. I suspected that if you don't have the ability to do like a click with your middle mouse button (some mouse can only scroll up/down with middle button), this widget could block scroll up (or down, if not up).