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Title / Version Lotus Fire Script 1.42
License Freeware / Free
Filename llt.lua
Filesize 27.43 KB
Date 09/12/2016 - 05:00
Changed 04/02/2019 - 09:45
Publisher / Author snoke (Uploaded by snoke)


Lotus Fire Script for Zero K

allow you to set random fire loops to your lotus or draw your own loops
used to: - detect cloak stuff - paint little smileys and hearts - and most important: make firepluk lag

-update: speedups added
-update: code cleaned up, removed obsolete mousetrack, added info box
-update: using getunitsinsphere instead of getunitsincylinder to check if there are enemies in range
-update 1.3 : epic menu integration and Chili GUI Window added
-update 1.4 : handling unitGiven
-update 1.41: random way of rotation switch feature added, rotation speed lightly increased, little code clean up
-update 1.42 shutdown handling added, stops Lotus' on shutdown

-put LLT.lua file into Zero-k folder/LuaUI/Widgets (create folder if it does not exist)
be sure u saved it as .lua - File and not as .lua.txt

-ingame enable:
menu - settings - misc - show advanced settings (checkbox)
menu - settings - misc - local widget config - enable local widgets (checkbox)

- might be you have to look at menu - settings - misc - widget list and check if Auto LLT is listed and enabled

- Lotus' should automatically start in partymode, a gui window to control Lotus should pop up when you select a Lotus