Lava Shader Drop In Package

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Title / Version Lava Shader Drop In Package
License / Free
Filesize 11.75 MB
Date 11/11/2013 - 21:42
Changed 08/11/2015 - 23:42
Publisher / Author (Uploaded by The Yak)


-replaced gui_music_ambience_loop.lua with klon's ambientplayer.lua
-lava now renders before game start (gajop)
-combine lava texture at different resolution to reduce texture repetition (gajop)

-added new lavatex by qray
-fixed lavalevel errorspam with some games
-renamed lava2.1.lua to lava.lua (for easy overwriting for future updates)

-extended lava beyond map edges
-removed foam.tga (unused)
-optimized lavasplosions (thanks nixtux)

-fixed messed up partially see through units if /luashaders off
-added readme

Lava Shader package:

Assembled by The_Yak
Knorke, Beherith, Anarchid, The_Yak, Gajop - Lava gadget
Audionautics, e__ - Lava SFX from
lava textures - yhughes, mavrosh, sadronmeldir, qray
Kloot - Hover waterdamage workaround
[BoS]nixtux - Improved lavasplosions
Klon - ambient sfx widget