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Title / Version ImmobileBuilder Standalone 0.2
License Freeware / Free
Filename ImmobileBuilder Standalone 0.2.7z
Filesize 2.14 KB
Date 06/29/2008 - 19:50
Changed 01/02/2011 - 17:42
Publisher / Author monohouse (Uploaded by monohouse)


[color=yellow][u]a Standalone version of the ImmobileBuilder Lua script[/u][/color]
this allows the nano towers to automatically roam and patrol when built, this is a replacement of the entire spring lua system (Standalone) and does not contain any drawing functions or fonts. designed for players that do not want lua but whant the nanotower functionality, although this is officially a beta version it is completely stable and fully functional.

effectively reduces 651093 bytes of Lua code+data into 10420.

1. in spring directory backup the "luaui.lua" file and the subdirectory "luaui" and then delete them
2. extract contents of this archive into spring directory