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Title / Version Eco stats 1.57
License Freeware / Free
Date 09/16/2011 - 02:56
Changed 04/23/2015 - 11:20
Publisher / Author Jools_ (Uploaded by Jools_)
Windspeeds 11-19 Knots
Gravity Force 120 Newton
Start Positions 1


A widget designed for spectators to easily follow which team is leading in terms of eco, metal, energy. Press Ctrl+F11 to access options menu.

Short manual:

The above picture is a clip of just 1 team with 2 player, it shows:
1) Team members by commander symbol (small if commander dead)
2) Sum of both player's resource income
3) Sum of both player's firepower (blue bar to the left, with mobile firepower in black)
4) Sum of both player's build-power (green bar to the left, with aerial bp in yellow)
5) Kills (in terms of killed hp), blue bar at bottom
6) Losses (in terms of killed hp), red bar at bottom

— click on commander symbol to zoom in on player's startpos.
— ctrl+click on commander symbol to zoom in on player's commander (if alive).
— Press arrow to the left of window to open statistics window for team.

-- Version 1.57
-- * Some bugfixes and compatibility for EvoRTS
-- * Bug fixes and performance improvements
-- * Added TS values and better handling of screen position
-- * Improved player list management and handling of dead players
-- * Fixed bug where team bars disappear even if team is alive

-- Version 1.5
-- * Rewritten code to increase performance, fps cost down by 50% in normal usage scenario.
-- * Now uses drawlists and gl.loadFont

Version 1.41

* Bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 1.4
* Performance improvements
* Font improvements
* Display extended info by pressing on i-button instead of overcomplicated arrows
* Drag widget with right button; drag infopanel with left button and close with right (yes i know, maybe counter-intuitive)
* Fixed opengl bugs

version 1.32
* Compatible with spring 95.0
* fixed bug with incorrect expand button location
* fixed spam errors bc of old tags

Version 1.3
* Added possibility to move the statistics table. To move it, click on the move button at top left and drag the window where you want it.
* Added option tomove to next and previous team from within the statistics table. Use the arrows beside team number to do that.
* Fixed some bugs that appear when widget is on the left side of the screen.
* The statistics window is now closed by right-clicking on it (or pressing the close/collapse button on the widget).

Version 1.2
* Ctrl+click on arm/core image to zoom in on player's commander (if alive)
* Fixed sorting of kill distribution graph
* Fixed some bugs relating to more start positions than players in game
* Fixed speeded up blink rate when increasing game speed.

Version 1.11
Fixed load/save bug
Player kill distribution graph added.

Version 1.1
* Added many options to tweak screen, press ctrl+F11 to customise widget
* Saves settings now
* Click on arm/core image to go to player start position
* Changed kills/losses bar to display killed hp/lost hp instead of kills/losses
* Added active player mode, can be disabled/customised in options
* Made calls more efficient by moving stuff out of drawscreen function

-- official github page:

Report bugs here:

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