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Title / Version Defense Range v6.0
License Freeware / Free
Filename gui_defenseRange.lua
Filesize 36.26 KB
Date 04/06/2008 - 19:02
Changed 01/02/2011 - 17:42
Publisher / Author very_bad_soldier (Uploaded by very_bad_soldier)


[u][b][size=12]DefenseRange v6.0[/size][/b][/u]
With this update all functions besides drawing range circles have been removed and can be found in other widgets.
There is no more automatic detection of units to draw ranges for, there are unit lists now for all supported mods. Currently CA and BA is supported. Adding support for other mods is easy as pie.

-Displays ranges of ally and enemy defense buildings. (Ground/Air/Anti-Nuke)

Enter tweak mode by pressing CTRL+F11 and you can drag the buttons position around to fit your needs.

-all functions besides range drawing removed
-combo units having ground and air weapons are correctly drawn using two circles

-added: displays blast radius when placing buildings
-added: hides gui correctly when pressing F5
-added: tweak mode added to move buttons around when pressing CTRL+F11

-fixed ghosted features

-Improved accuracy of range circles
-More accurate DPS-colors (using BurstFire)
-ghosted features
-fixed Air for BA

-fixed: green ghosted buildings do not disappear
-small bugfixes and refactors

-fixed glBlending

-added: GhostedBuilding for nano frames
-fix for CA
-CA/mod specific color config

-range color depending now on dps
-units can have more than one weapon (like Doomsday in BA)
-dynamic line width and alpha depending on camera height
-selfd-radius AND explosion-radius are visible
-remembers button states from last game
-in team games markers get set only by one player (no more multitagging)
-new unitFile system
-optimization and rewrites
-BA: armclaw and cormav fixed

[b]3.7q (quantum):[/b]
fixed for CA
performance improvements

added: Press meta + X to see selfd blast radius of selected units ("meta" is by default the space key) -> Space + X

Thanks to quantum for the fixes in 3.7q!
For more information or questions visit the spring forum:

Have fun,