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Title / Version Coop Helper v1.2
License Freeware / Free
Filename command_coophelper.lua
Filesize 6.88 KB
Date 12/28/2010 - 14:00
Changed 01/17/2011 - 17:19
Publisher / Author xponen (Uploaded by xponen)


Coop Helper (version 1.2) can help you synchronize your resource with your friend and also help ally when they stalled. (but it is abit different than "cmd_stall_assist" widget)

What you need is just type:

...."/coopWith [friend's ID]"

....(ingame) and your resources will be periodically transfered to your friend (depending on his/her resources and his/her maxStorage capacity with respect to your resources), also type:

...."/coopMonitor [memberID1],[memberID2],[memberID3],...,[memberID7]" periodically check if member's resource dip below 20-metal or energy; which will automatically trigger a transfer to increase it to at least 100 metal or energy (which is helpful if to assist production, but not enuf for feeding metalMaker or charging Bertha/Nuke/ect).

How it work?:
Every 0.2 sec CoopHelper calculate the difference in resource and then transfer an appropriate amount of metal and energy to your target. This will help with your micro-scale resource sharing management; allowing you to use resource sharing tool; such as "gui_ally_res" (ally resource bar) widget, to do big sharing only. When Cooping; CoopHelper help you to match resources with your target (if he/she had lower resource), and when in Monitoring; CoopHelper ensure that your ally do not stall in productions.

Command (to be typed in chat console):
..../coopWith {friend's ID}
==this register your friend
..../coopWith -1
==this disable CoopHelper
..../coopMonitor [memberID1],[memberID2],[memberID3],...,[memberID7]
==this register your teammember
..../coopMonitor -1
==this disable CoopHelper

..../coopMonitor [memberID1],[memberID2]
==this edit teammember register

Note: "friend's ID" is the number given to each player ingame (0 to 15). You can get player ID from player-info ingame.
Note2: "-1" always stop the coop. An ID less than 0 will command CoopHelper to stop.