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File Information

Title / Version Completed unit notifier 0.98
License Freeware / Free
Filename gui_completed_unit.lua
Filesize 17.24 KB
Date 08/01/2012 - 23:40
Changed 03/31/2015 - 14:24
Publisher / Author Alcur (Uploaded by Alcur)


Completed unit notifier for Zero-K

Changes in 0.98

- fixed a couple of bugs
- showing the name of the builder added
- reporting all factories, the strider hub and Athena implemented (configurable)
- improved anti-spam measures significantly (configurable)
- marker max row number is now configurable
- various minor things

Changes in 0.93

- improved performance
- added stiletto to the list of special cases


The widget reminds you about expensive or situational units whose production has been completed. The notification method utilises the labeling system.

The script reports units based on metal cost. By default the minimum values for exclusively AA units is 500 and for others it is 850. Also factories are reported by default. The following special cases are also notified about:

More options are available at the beginning of the script file.

Known issues

- the anti-spam functionality may very rarely fail


1. place the script into the Widgets folder (you may have to create it) which should be located in the LuaUI folder of your Spring installation. In other words, the file should be put into .../Spring/LuaUI/Widgets/.

2. enable local widgets in the game
2.1 open Menu
2.2 go to Settings
2.3 tick "Show advanced options"
2.4 go to Misc
2.5 click on "Local widget config"
2.6 tick "Enable local widgets"

3. execute "/luaui reload" on the game console or restart the application

4. make sure the widget is enabled
4.1 open Menu
4.2 go to Settings
4.3 go to Misc
4.4 click on "Widget List"
4.5 find the widget on the list (optionally via the search functionality) and click on it