new version Auto set target for mercuries and screamers to certains planes

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Title / Version new version Auto set target for mercuries and screamers to certains planes 2
License Freeware / Free
Filename cmd_set_specific_targets_for_mercuries_and_screamers_v3.lua
Filesize 14.06 KB
Date 05/27/2020 - 13:35
Changed 10/06/2020 - 09:02
Publisher / Author tulipe (Uploaded by tulipe)


With this widget enabled, mercuries and screamers (t2 anti air huge towers) should target only some planes with set target command.
By order it should aim :
2.bombers/seabombers, torpedo bombers
4.brawlers aircraft t1+t2, trans t1+t2

Widget tested especially with ba 9 version but it should works with some others mods, like ba 10.24 or with bar. Ba 10.24 and bar mods seem to have a function like this with a special button when you select a mercury or a screamer, but ba 9* don't hav this button in user interface (in may 2020).

(Warning : This widget put mercuries/screamers on hold fire. With this widget enabled, your screamers/mercuries should not fire on small planes, like peepers)

------------------------new version v3 sunday 4 october 2020 ---------------------
if stockpile == 5/5, screamer and/or mercury is (are) on "fire at will". Widget impact screamer/mercury only if projectile stockpile of the screamer/mercury is < 5.

Download of this widget:
Click on "DOWNLOAD" button then on the new page, right click on the link "cmd_set_specific_targets_for_mercuries_and_screamers.lua" (and not just "Click the link to start your download:", as I saw written), and choose "save link as..." (or something like this, eventually wrote in your language) and choose a folder where to download the file.

Installation of this widget:
-for windows, you should put it in C:\Users\your_current_account_name\Documents\My Games\Spring\LuaUI\Widgets. Or maybe another folder (eventualy, see
-for linux (at least some linux distributions (for example ubuntu)), I'm unsure, but I think you should put it in ~./spring/LuaUI/Widgets
After placing it in the folder, you should see the widget ingame in the list after pressed the F11 key. Widget should appears after the widgets wrote with an asterisk at the end. The name of this widget should be "Set specific targets for mercuries and screamers".