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Title / Version Anti Skuttle 091
License Freeware / Free
Filename automatischspringen.lua
Filesize 4.83 KB
Date 05/06/2014 - 22:13
Changed 05/06/2014 - 22:19
Publisher / Author Xivender (Uploaded by Xivender)


This is the first Version of the Anti Skuttle Widget for Zero-K.

This Widget will Autojump your Recon Commander when a Skuttle will attack your Commander.
I have it tested.
Thx for the user pear for testing with me
and thx to the user [2up]knorke for the good helping when i am searching a Code.

How it works?

1.First - Press F11 for the Widget List and activate "automatischSpringen", its the german Name for autojump.
2.Select your Recon Commander and press the Key "E"
---Now your Recon-Commander is protected to Skuttle Attack.

After you have morphed your Commander, you have the step 2 Repeat renewed.

Recon lvl 1. Select Commander and Press "E"
then you morphed to lvl 2.
Is lvl 2 is finished, you must renewed select your Recon Commander and Press "E".

If you use this widget, then please disable other widgets that come from me, as they may be in conflict.

Note: Originally this widget was relatively user-friendly. I've been using the Echo - the user made ​​command attention whether the Widget is active or grade which key to press to define. However, by the new chat filters come through no echo commands more. Therefore Sorry, you do not see when the widget is active.

And now
Have Fun - Troll Forever ;-)