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Title / Version advanced players list version 5.2
License Freeware / Free
Filesize 44.12 KB
Date 10/03/2008 - 12:47
Changed 01/02/2011 - 17:42
Publisher / Author Marmoth (Uploaded by Marmoth)


[size=14]To install the widget, just unzip it in the spring folder.[/size]


The advanced players list replaces the standard list of the players. It provides:
- a better layout (players categories (allies, ennemies, spectators) are easier to distinguish, nicer in general)
- an indication of the side (arm/core and others) for each player
- separators between ennemy teams
- "packed" aspect for com sharing teams
- AI-Teams support
- button to share selected units by double click (no more need to H + check the box + click OK)
- button to share energy and metal (click and drag)
- integrated .take reminder when a player leaves
- visual cpu and ping indicators
- tooltips
- button to drag the widget (position saved between games)
- button to hide the share buttons (position saved between games)

For bug reports, suggestions or questions : themarmoth AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks to [LCC]jK and all people who answered my repeated questions for their help.[/size]

Version 5.2 changes:
- fixed a color bug (specs had the ping color of the previous spec if any)
Version 5.1 changes:
- fixed a resize bug
- fixed a gfx bug
- fixed tooltips content
- doesn't show the standard playerslist when closed anymore
Version 5 changes:
- new tooltip system to say what does what
- indication of ping and cpu usage values via tooltip
Version 4.2 changes:
- correction of the size of take zone
- correction of the openclose button effect on spectator mode
Version 4.1 changes:
- correction of a little bug (position of "spectator" title)
Version 4.0 changes:
- added give buttons for energy/metal (click drag to the right amount, release and its done)
- use openclose button (with 2 red arrows) to open/close the give buttons panel
- right click and drag on the openclose button to move the widget along the right screen border
- gadget width set according to players' names' width
- new search system for sidepics (look first for .png and WO.png -should be in the mod files: mod/LuaUI/Images/advplayerslist/-, then for default pic _default.png and WO_default.png for that side in spring/LuaUI/Images/advplayerslist) then, if no image file were found, use the default. (next step would be to generate those pics from standard sidepics, but i don't have the skills (yet?) to do that)
- included (default) [b]sidepics for s44 [/b] (you can overwrite them by adding images files in the mod itself)
- About geometry: This widget isn't that easy to scale because of name sizes. Making it's size is screen % is a big loss of space for big screens (you dont need a big players list). Making it smaller for small screen make it unreadable. I therefore came to the conclusion that the best way was to give it a fixed size and give the opportunity to move it along right screen border.
- About white outline: I think current system works quite well even if its not exaclty the same as standard engine. If somebody wants to fine tune the
fomula (for now its considered dark if r+g+b < 0.9), feel free to do it. Ill include it in the next version.
- About using standard sidepics: Ill try to do it if possible, but it's a bunch of operations to get the correct sidepics / outlines from a
colored image.
Version 3.1 changes:
- Correction of a small spectator color bug.
Version 3 changes:
- Solved the multiple spectators bug (when a spectator left, one of the remaining spectator appeared twice in the list).
- White outline for dark player colors.
- No more fonts problem. Now the widget loads its own font instead of taking the last one used.
- Standard spring players list hides when advplayerslist widget is active and appears when it is deactivated.

For mods devs: To allow white outline for your sidepics, add a .png image containing the outline and named "WO.png" to the "/luaUI/Images/advplayerslist/" directory (see the present "...WO,png" images if you dont get what i mean).
Version 2 changes:
- New sidepics system: automatically loaded from the "/luaUI/Images/advplayerslist/" directory, including default pic (no more gfx bug) For mods devs and other interested players: if you have factions other than core/arm, put a 16x16 pixels png picture in the directory mentionned above. Colors should be grey scale (but the picture must be saved as RGB) for later player coloration. If you use transparency, don't save transparent pixel's color. You can also send me the pics so that i add them to the archive.
- New spectator buttons: you can just click to spectate a particular player.