Lua Scripts


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Makes Crab stop moving when enemy approaches unless the Crab is controlled by player. Will stop regardless of player control if approaching enemy unit is Raven. Doesn't trigger against enemy...
Countains SweepAttack widgets for following units: Badger Bandit Dante (e instead of d) Mace Nimbus Pyro Reaver Redback Scorcher The widgets also countain parts of ShieldTargetAI widget which makes...
1 downloads 2019-04-14
Instead of force dropping Claymore with single click action, the Claymore will instead drop its bomb when transported by Charon. Update: Added support for Hercules and reload command which makes the...
1 downloads 2019-04-13
Lotus Fire Script
Lotus Fire Script for Zero K allow you to set random fire loops to your lotus or draw your own loops used to: - detect cloak stuff - paint little smileys and hearts - and most important: make...
22 downloads 2019-04-02
Apm Counter Simple
simply counts players actions per minute develobstered for Zero-K v1.7.3.1
11 downloads 2019-03-20
X-ray widget for all the bloom to the left and all the darken to the right
This preset is completly rewritten with the widget itself with value that fit very well a global look of the unit as well as far as near, match well more the level is high.
4 downloads 2019-01-28
dgun no ally unit aim
A spring widget to prevent dgun aim from snapping to allied units. No more dgunning at your fighter shield instead of the incoming krog.
7 downloads 2018-04-27
Cocky Mines
Mine field in one click! Demo: Cocky Mines + Repeat command: More info (in russian):
16 downloads 2018-03-12
Simple widget that locks the mouse cursor within game window. Good for windowed mode or multi-monitor users
37 downloads 2018-01-12
Spotter (gui_spotter.lua) Lua Widget
Like Teamplatter and Enemyspotter together, modified. And without the performance penalty of Teamplatter. 1.01: Tweaked colours and sizes. 1.02: Tweaked offset and colours. 1.03: Fixed unload...
36 downloads 2017-10-01
Unit Stats
v1.6 changes: -Fixed crashes when hovering enemy units v1.5 changes: -Fixed issue where 1 s was added to all reload time due to previous update (my bad... ye) -Added a 1/30 ratio to stockpiletime...
20 downloads 2017-04-23
DGun Ground
Makes dgun commands aim at the ground close to the commander if they are not aimed at the air. Note that it does not work correctly for dgun commands queued after a move command.
26 downloads 2016-12-06
Lava Shader Drop In Package
2.4: -replaced gui_music_ambience_loop.lua with klon's ambientplayer.lua -lava now renders before game start (gajop) -combine lava texture at different resolution to reduce texture repetition (gajop...
25 downloads 2015-08-11
Factory marker
This is a Zero-K widget that puts a label on the map above every newly discovered factory. The widget user can see the owner and the type of the factory in the label but the text isn't visible to...
66 downloads 2015-07-29
Commander hold position
Automatically sets Commander to hold position v0.02 - Fixed problem with Commander gate
30 downloads 2015-05-03
"Local mexes" widget.
What's new: - one constructor for one mex rule, - removed debug info (perimeter is hidden now)
40 downloads 2015-04-29
Eco stats
A widget designed for spectators to easily follow which team is leading in terms of eco, metal, energy. Press Ctrl+F11 to access options menu. Short manual: The above picture is a clip of just 1 team...
Volume OSD
A small widget that allows you to adjust master sound level. Works like the TV remote control: it displays only when you adjust the level and fades away after 3 seconds, so that it doesn't clutter...
Completed unit notifier
Completed unit notifier for Zero-K Changes in 0.98 - fixed a couple of bugs - showing the name of the builder added - reporting all factories, the strider hub and Athena implemented (configurable...
57 downloads 2015-03-31
Constructor locater
Constructor locater The widget displays animated graphics around constructors in order to facilitate finding them. Markers are shown on the mini map as well. Indicator shape, animation speed and the...
61 downloads 2015-03-30
techno music player
Are you tired of the same old TA with no music? I know there are a few other widgets that have music that plays in your Spring games, but this one has some fun tracks! 31 tracks total. All electronic...
55 downloads 2015-03-23
the only reason to use this i know of is to export a dynamically generated heightmap. static heightmaps can be extracted with mapconvng. usage: place in LuaUI/Widgets/ in game, press enter and...
15 downloads 2015-01-30
"Local mexes" Widget
Hi! This is my first widget for Balanced Annihilation. It tells free constructors to build metal extractors inside the perimeter of your base. The perimeter is calculated dynamically. See the video!...
54 downloads 2015-01-05
Gambit's Windget
This widget prints the min, current, and max wind speed to the lower left corner of the game window. It helps you determine whether it's better to build a wind farm or a solar panel for example.
67 downloads 2014-09-03
Air area attack for custom planes
Air ground area attack (for custom planes) Each non-bomber antiground plane gets own target. If more targets, each plane gets attack plan on unique targets. If more attackers, more planes attack each...
17 downloads 2014-06-03
Mod Stats to HTML Exporter
How the result look like? look at: Where I get some info about go on forum: CHANGELOG 0.7 -> 0.7.1 -...
42 downloads 2014-05-15
Anti Skuttle
This is the first Version of the Anti Skuttle Widget for Zero-K. This Widget will Autojump your Recon Commander when a Skuttle will attack your Commander. I have it tested. Thx for the user pear for...
48 downloads 2014-05-06
Chili EndGame Stats
Lua replacement for Springs default end game graphs using chili framework.
44 downloads 2014-02-04
Cloaked Roach Micro
Fügt aus einem Cloackybot und einer Anzahl an Roaches und Banditen einen Einheitenverbund zusammen. Erleichtert das Micro Managment, um mit getarnten Roaches anzugreifen. Video Tutorial kommt....
37 downloads 2013-10-19
NOTA-TV maker, lua widget creating dots-wars replay of your battle. FEATURES and default SETTINGS: - compatible with NOTA lobby and NOTA TV replay center - result SVG file can be played in all main...
20 downloads 2013-08-09
This changes the visuals of the unit_customformations2 script. Drawing a line for unit movement now shows the future position of each unit. UPDATE 4.1: fixed visual bug if a lot of untis are are...
146 downloads 2013-05-25
New LoiUI
Another interface for Spring :) Inspired by Nota mod and loiUI. Extract archive to LuaUI/Widgets. For properly work need turn off RedUI and other non standard spring UI. Widget name: Nota UI in...
76 downloads 2013-04-27