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File Information

Title / Version XTA 9.75
License Freeware / Free
Filename xta-9.75.sdz
Filesize 64.53 MB
Date 12/18/2015 - 21:16
Changed 12/18/2015 - 21:40
Publisher / Author Jools_ (Uploaded by Jools_)


Noruas and Jools

* New Faction: The Lost Legacy by Noruas. Available as modoption with choose commander widget.
* Preview of new faction: The Guardians of Kadesh, also by Noruas. Only T1 curently available.

Story of the Lost Legacy:

ACT I: The crash.

After hundreds of years spent in cryogenic hibernation, the imperial colonization fleet of humatran had finally arrived at destination: The first system of the edge of the closest galaxy. The life systems were reactivated in each starship and vessel and all the crews began with being awoken when the external warning systems are activated. The star of the system that they had chosen as destination was in its final phase of life, and well before what they had provided before their departure.
At once the emergency plan of launched repatriation. But too late, the bad luck was still on them, the star began its explosion...

A ray of a sharp red put to shine in all space around them. Panic seized each one and each spaceship started to operate in order to be the first to set out again. The small vessels, lighter and more handy, were already in the axis of return and had begun to accelerate, while largest like, the flagships hardly came to start his turn. When the first wave of the explosion reached the fleet, the lightest vessels were at once to sweep like simple sheets with the wind, while the majority of largest started with disintagrate slowly. Luckiest of these had begun the phase of acceleration by choosing other axes of folds, when the second and last blast reached the fleet...

The fleet was almost destroyed by this second deadly blast, the vessels which survived there were only one handle and the state of each one of them be pitiful. Only one could still make fully function its engines and immediately undertook operations of accostings to rescue the crew of the other mostly destroyed ships. But the return in their galaxy was impossible, all auto-navigation systems were out of oder like all the communication systems. Their only hope, quite mean, was to find a planet to be able to settle there as they would have to do it but under other conditions.

They spent the whole months in space in the search of a planet to enable them to live, when finally they approached the first whose characteristics was not completely hostile. In any event they did not have the choice because the food were insufficient to continue and the life on board man-of-war was uncomfortable and became insuportable. When the vessel entering the atmosphere began its landing operation, the undergone damages were much more serious than envisaged. The control sytems in atmosphere burnt the ones after the others and the crash of the vessel was sure... The crew did run in all rescue pods. The vessel released plenty thus small pods which moved towards the surface of planet with softness while it continued its infernal descent.

ACT II: Birth of a giant.

The first members of crew whose landed pods had already begun their new life on this planet of the hundreds of survivors gathered for origaniser the localization and the search for their vessel. When they arrived on the place of the crash, there remained only burning sheets on the ground. It remain to them nothing!!! No more space transports, neither communication systems, nor tools. They were all to rebuild, all to rediscover, all relearn... But life taken again well quickly...

A few hundred years later, the following generations which had colonized the planet, rebuilt all the technology of which old theirs had transmitted the knowledge and the plans to through the few holodisk ones. They relearned to travel trough space and leave to conquer the galaxy. They meet other civilizations, of which some had common ancestors, "travellers of stars" as called them by still primitive tribes which were descandant of other vessels which had not been able to join their galaxy of origin...

The hostile meetings also multiplied and the wars were not rare. The pacts of peace, the treaties of alliance or civilizations extraterrestrial which were integrated into their, contributed to reinforce their force, their capacity, their knowledge and their technology. Their power and them influance on the galaxy, made only grow. When the moment had come they think to find their lost Legacy, their civilization of origin of which they had been cut for a long time...

Not having any report/ratio coming from the probes which they had sent they envoy a large fleet of reconquer. This new fleet of return to their galaxy of origin began to start through space and travelled during years... But what they found while arriving in this galaxy was very far from being as what reported the old men holidisks... The planets were devastated by wars whose forces could be only of galactic size. The surface of each planet which they visited were completely destroyed. no more resources, nor trace of life, only of the traces of violent wars and dead civilizations. no more sign of their civilization mother. The first meeting with the forces armed with the two camps in war was far from being peaceful because each one saw in them a potential danger, a trick of the enemy, and thus was to thus treat them as enemies.

These quarrelsome forces bore the name of the CORE and the ARM...

ACT III: The lost Legacy.

* Doomsday weapon 3 is now red instead of green and shoots 25% more often, but deals 25% less damage, so same dps
* Triton, Crock, Garpike and Crabe cannot anymore climb steep cliffs on land, only in water.

* Add 'o' as shortcut to rotate buildings (is in cmd_customkeys widget)
* Add small splash when aerial torpedo enters water surface
* New commander sounds and fixes to old ones.
* Add originally aired date to show when starting to view replay.
* Add Map options to simple menu
* Initial queue widget: add UI command: "/hideonstart" or "/hideonstart 1" for hiding build menu when game begins (default), or "hideonstart 0" or "/hideonstart off" to not do that.
* Make zombie commanders cloak if enough energy stored and produced.
* New LUPS effects
* Detect easter and provide easter eggs automatically
* Add originally aired date to replays
* Add widget that draws different anti range colour depending on stockpile
* 'Raven'-award for successful comnap
* Show mexes that will be upgraded with a light blue box around when holding shift
* Add a command to interactively update draw and rotate keys with the command /setkeys. Also as option in menu.
* Update lups from anno 2008 to anno 2014
* Add back fleabowl stuff, since it's now working. Some desyncs were reported but they have not been reproduced for a while.
* Add desync warning widget.
* Add unit search tool widget and bind it to ctrl-F
* Add red console. Update red framework and drawing
* Add a better gui to the distributed guard commands (area guard with alt/ctrl pressed)
* Add the night widget and ctrlpanel improved gui widgets.
* Add red minimap widget and red build/order menu widget
* Add changelog info widget. Shows this log in-game.
* Replace widget selector with an impwroved one
* Replaced sharp edges on many widget windows with rounded ones.
* New commander name tags widget that has option to scale names with zoom-level.

* Decrease volume of Core Mobile artillery (Pillager) wreck to match smaller new model
* Fix error spam in zombie mode when KOTH is not enabled
* Fix incorrect position of Core Gaat gun wreck
* Fix error in initial queue widget that sometimes changed faction when not requested
* Button to offer draw in menu is disabled for spectators
* Fix bug where arm Thunder loses LOS and Air-LOS when one of them is killed by flakker.
* Fix air repair pads not repairing and make land repair pads repair 50% faster to promote them.
* Fix bug where some aircraft couldn't move to air repair pads. It was due to brakerate being too high. Reduce bombers' brakerates further by 90% to make them not stop directly.
* Don't show geo marker for already built geos.
* Set flight time = 2.5 for some missiles (4 of them, samson, jethro etc)
* Fix gadget error (and one similar in a widget) from bad game version check. This is the only problem when running older version of xta with spring 100 or newer.
* Fix stuck on 'DRAW'-screen if server shuts down too soon