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1.9 RC1.1
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File Information

Title / Version War Evolution 1.9 RC1.1
License Freeware / Free
Filename War_Evolution_1.9_RC1.1.sd7
Filesize 4.05 MB
Date 08/16/2008 - 05:57
Changed 01/04/2011 - 20:20
Publisher / Author REVENGE (Uploaded by REVENGE)


---V 1.9 RC1.1---
-First time balance issues

-BlackKnight Mininuke
--aoe increased to 385 (350)
--firestarter increased to 1000 (750)
--Edgeeffectiveness increased to 0.8 (0.5)

-Ass Missiles
--Impulse factor reduced to 15 (18)

-Stormlord Low Trajectory Cannon
--Burst set to 2
--Burst rate set to 0.05
--reloadtime increased to 2.75 (2.0)

--LDM buildtime reduced to 50 (75)
--MDM kamikaze distance reduced to 105 (120)
--MDM buildtime reduced to 250 (300)
--HDM buildtime reduced to 500 (600)
--HDM kamikaze distance reduced to 150 (200)

-Werewolf Jump Jets
--range increased to 550 (425)
--height increased to 175 (150)
--speed increased to 5 (3.5)
--reloadtime increased to 22.5 (8)

---V 1.9 RC1---
-First release candidate, complete revamp
-NOTE: Increasing the "accuracy" tag means real accuracy DECREASES

-TargetMoveError reapplied to multiple weapons (spelling error)
-EdgeEffectiveness reapplied to multiple weapons (spelling error)
-Cutter Minigun metalpershot=.1 removed for energypershot=3

-High Traj Artillery
--Consists of only 2 projectiles
--aoe increased to 260 (220) to compensate for edgeeffectiveness
--damage against bots increased to 750 (500)
-Lightning Cannon
--damage increased to 185 (100)
-Red Beamweapon
--damage decreased to 30 (35)
--Reloadtime decreased to 0.3 (1.9)
--Accuracy increased to 2000 (900)
-Blue Beamweapon
--Reloadtime decreased to 1.2 (1.9)
--Damage against everything else increased to 150 (100)
--Damage against bots increased to 100
-Secondary Cannon
--Damage against bots increased to 150 (65)

-Main Plasma
--aoe increased to 125 (92)
--Damage against bots increased to 150 (125)
-Antimatter Accelerator
--Damage doubled to 360
--Accuracy increased to 1750
--aoe increased to 425 (400)
--impulsefactor increased to 1.5 (1.1)
--Health increased to 14000 (11000)
--Max velocity reduced to 1.8 (2.4)
--Turn rate reduced to 450 (600)

--T300X aoe fixed back to 200 (2000)

-Plasma Shotgun
--aoe increased to 80 (62)
--Damage against bots increased to 60 (45)
--Damage against everything else decreased to 105 (120)
-Laser Cannon
--accuracy reduced to 500 (1100)
--moving accuracy added: 750
--Damage against bots increased to 300 (220)
--Damage against everything else decreased to 650 (1000)
-Mini Plasma Shots
--Damage against bots increased to 95 (26)
--Damage against everything else increased to 150 (110)
--Werewolf can now use Jump Jets at a range of 425 with a reloadtime of 8

-Main Plasma
--Sets units on fire, with firestarter=285, doing 1.5 damage per gameframe (~=41 dps)
--Does not do selfdamage
--Sets units on fire, with firestarter=150, doing 1.5 damage per gameframe (~=41 dps)
--Does not do selfdamage
--Burst doubled to 80, damage completely rebalanced
--Sets units on fire, with firestarter=750, doing 1.5 damage per gameframe (~=41 dps)
--Reloadtime decreased to 25 (30)
-Laser Beam
--Used Head Laser as template
--Range set to 800
--Reloadtime set to 1.5
--Damage against everything set to 125

--Given a smaller explosion than bots
--Damagemodifier set to 0.6 (1.0)
--autoheal set to 10 (0)
--Health increased to 5000 (4000)
-Guided Missiles
--Wobble halved to 2100
--Damage doubled to 240
--Range increased to 1400 (1300)
--Accuracy decreased to 1000 (1100)

-Head Laser
--Range increased to 1000
--Damage against everything set to 150

-Ass Missiles
--Damage quadrupled to 160
--Impulsefactor reduced to 18 (22)
--Max velocity increased to 400 (300)
--Burstrate increased to 0.2 (0.14)
--Range increased to 1100 (1000)

--Force increased to 18 (16)
--Max speed increased to 800 (700)

-Unit Explosion
--Sets units on fire, with firestarter=500, doing 1.5 damage per gameframe (~=41 dps)

--Mines completely rebalanced
--Low damage mine: cheap, spammable, builds almost instantly, limited to 20
--Medium damage mine: balanced cost and damage output, good impulse, limited to 8
--Large damage mine: as good as a mininuke, limited to 4, explodes and does huge damage to a large area, with high impulse

-Completely reconstructed (and fixed) effects system, folders, etc.
--Fixed map detail texture
--Removed all extraneous textures, optimizing file size
-Added Argh's special nuke explosion effect (from NOTA 1.47) to various things
-Added NOTA 1.47's Atomic Blast effect (small Argh nuke)

-All scripts changed to use the GET PLAY_SOUND system
-Walk script fixed as a result of the above

-Added the following lua widgets to improve the user interface:
--Commander Nametag widget by Evil4Zerggin and CarRepairer
--Ghost Radar widget Very Bad Soldier
--Healthbars widget by jK
--LUPS Wrapper and Manager by jK
--Start Point Remover widget by TheFatController and jK

-Added the following lua gadgets to improve the game experience:
--LUA system infrastructure by det, KDR11K, and others
--Lua Particle System by jK
--LUPS Shockwaves by jK
--DPS Display by The Fat Controller
--BloomShader by Kloot as an optional graphical effect
-Added the Unit Is on Fire gadget by quantum, giving the BlackKnight extra damage-dealing effects
-Modified the Shockwaves gadget to be more sensitive and generate larger shockwaves
-Added the Jump Jets gadget by quantum to enable mechs to Jump around :)