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1.9 RC2
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File Information

Title / Version War Evolution 1.9 RC2
License Freeware / Free
Filename War_Evolution_1.9_RC2.sd7
Filesize 6.43 MB
Date 08/18/2008 - 03:46
Changed 01/04/2011 - 20:20
Publisher / Author REVENGE (Uploaded by REVENGE)


---V 1.9 RC2---
-More balance fixes
-More typing mistakes found and fixed
-Shake magnitudes tuned a little bit
-NOTE: When I mean "Real accuracy", I'm referring not to the weapontag, but to behavior

-Added side icons

-Added a new lua gadget "Stomp", created based upon the Jump Jet gadget by quantum

-Removed duplicate edgeeffectiveness tags, so aoe should behave properly now

+Jump Jets Gadget
-Added energy usage, and tag "ecost" to the config file

--Mass reduced to 625 (680 - comon, shouldn't be the heaviest)
-Plasma Shotgun
--Energy per shot reduced to 0 (50)
-Main Laser Cannon
--Energy per shot set to 75 (10)
--aoe reduced to 30 (72) to avoid camerashake
-Jump Jets
--Range increased to 575 (550)
--Speed increased to 6 (5)
--Energy per jump set to 250 (0)
--Reload time reduced to 18 (22.5)

--Damage modifier set to 0.5 (0.6)
--Energy storage set to 250 (0)
--Energy make set to 10 (0)
--Metal make set to 0.5 (2)
--Metal storage set to 50 (0)
-Level Up
--Cutter now has 2 Levels
--Level 1 achieved at 0.1 EXP, Level 2 achieved at 0.25 EXP
--Level 1 upgrades minigun, Level 2 adds vlaunch rockets
-L1 minigun
--Range reduced to 1250 (1400)
--Energy per shot reduced to 2 (3)
-L2 minigun
--Range set to 1500
--Reloadtime set to 0.1
--Energy per shot set to 3
--Real accuracy increased 35% compared to L1 minigun
--Damage vs. bots increased from L1 to 19 (L1 16)
--Damage vs. everything else increased from L1 to 65 (L1 60)

--Mass reduced to 600 (650)
-Units on Fire
--Damage per gameframe increased to 1.8 (1.5)
--Reloadtime increased to 4.5 (3.9)
--Weapon velocity increased to 250 (220)
--Energy per shot set to 30 (0)
-Jump Jets (added)
--Range set to 160
--Speed set to 10
--Reload time set to 5
--Energy per jump set to 75

--Mass increased to 645 (600 - wtf was it lighter than the small bots???)
--New ability that allows the Stormlord to detonate an EMP, paralyzing all nearby units.
--Damage set to 25000
--aoe set to 350
--Edgeeffectivenes set to 0.9
--Paralyze time set to 5
--Reloadtime set to 25
--Energy per EMP set to 250

--Mass increased to 660 (450 - just stupid)
-Antimatter Accelerator
--aoe reduced to 30 (100) to avoid camerashake
--New ability that allows the Wargod to jump into the air, then land hard, producing a shockwave of impulse
--Damage set to 150
--aoe set to 400
--Edgeeffectiveness set to 0.9
--Impulsefactor set to 5.5
--Reload time set to 12
--Energy per stomp set to 200

-Ass Missiles
--Should not be blocked by shields anymore
--Impulsefactor reduced to 14.5 (15) in light of new masses

--Reloadtime increased to 5 (3.2)
--Energy per shot set at 80 (0)

-Default big explosion edgeeffectivness increased to 0.8 (0.5)
-Wargod Self-Destruct
--A powerful explosion, dealing significant damage with high impulse and aoe
-Stormlord Self-Destruct
--An EMP blast that shuts down anything in a large area for up to 20 seconds
-BlackKnight Self-Destruct
--A napalm explosion that sets units on fire for a long time
-Werewolf Self-Destruct
--A special explosion that does no damage, but heals all units within its area by 7500