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1.9 RC2.3
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File Information

Title / Version War Evolution 1.9 RC2.3
License Freeware / Free
Filename War_Evolution_1.9_RC2.3.sd7
Filesize 6.41 MB
Date 08/24/2008 - 08:33
Changed 01/04/2011 - 21:19
Publisher / Author REVENGE (Uploaded by REVENGE)


--V 1.9 RC2.3--
-Script changes
-Do the smart mine for real this time :P
-Added King of the Hill game mode by KDR11K and Lurker
-Added Direct Control manager by trepan, as part of Smart Mine package
-All weapons with terrain deformation given cratermult=0.25;
-Smart Mine max damage fixed (will no longer get blown to bits easily)
-Negative metal make values of BlackKnight and Wargod are now +2 (autostall...no.)
-Added the cool new sidepics by Neddie

-Smoke emission
--BlackKnight doesn't start smoking until health < 12%
--Heavier smoke emission starts at 6%
--Generally buffed in all aspects
--Breakrate increased to 0.175 (0.125)
--Acceleration doubled to 0.10
--Turn rate increased to 1000 (600)
--Cloak cost decreased to 25 (30)
--Cloak cost moving decreased to 35 (40)
--Min cloak distance decreased to 100 (120)
--Autoheal increased to 45 (40)

-Main Laser Cannon
--Range reduced to 1100

-Main Plasma
--Impulse factor reduced to 2.5 (3)
--Impulse factor reduced to 4.25 (8.5)

--Paralyzetime reduced to 3 (5)
--Reload reduced to 20 (25)

-Ass Missile
--Impulse factor reduced to 9.25 (15)
--Reload time increased to 20 (17)
--Velocity reduced to 300 (400)