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File Information

Title / Version Tech Annihilation 2.27.3
License Freeware / Free
Filename tech_annihilation-v2.27.3_6.sdz
Filesize 59.35 MB
Date 05/10/2011 - 17:53
Changed 05/27/2014 - 06:37
Publisher / Author Nixtux (Uploaded by Nixtux)


Short Changelog

---------------------------------------v2.27.3 ---------------------------------------


New pause screen logo

Comgate is back, with new custom teleport fx, New visual message if comgate/teleport if activated

Update furie visual effects

Update tllacid explosion

Add new commander death explosions

Many new weapon visuals

New models for chopper and tyson helis and new weapon visuals 



Stiletto, Fix broken bomb drop values

Stop specs getting death messages

Fix armmine2 not self detonating

Added tll plasma cannon to defensive range widget

Allow underwater mex's to be auto upgraded

Reduce Metron weapon sounds

Restrict unit amount to 1 for jump drive (fix's rare bug)

fix typo in cmd building hotkeys widget, Closes bug #437

Give corpunk same explosion as armflea, Closes #433

Fix popup turrets not getting hit, Closes #438

Fix countermeasure not getting hit

Fix air cons slow movement



Reduce arm/core immolator range 5100>3100

Tech lock t3 bomber's (T3.5 RC needed)

Anti Experimental cannons now unlocked by t3 RC

Replace corcrab with a redesigned cormonsta, 2nd weapon now is AA

Armmech (Killer), reduce hp by 50%

Increase hypersion selfd and explosion sizes/damage

Armsiege metalcost increased 5265>6465,damage 1450>2025

Rebalance akmech, acceleration 0.08>0.07, maxVelocity 1.15>1.0, maxDamage 51347>48779

Gorilla, Increase metal cost 12400>14500, Cannon damage 750>300 Make head laser weapon more visible

Rebalance armanter, metalcost 8215>9215, laserweapon damage 240->500, missilelauncher 150>200, selfd and explosion size increased, Change movedef for armantar will now crush t2 walls

Reduce arm/core t1.5 bomber's damage by 30%

Increase blacklily decloak distance, will now decloak more often/sooner

Armorion, Reduce maxVelocity 15>11.9 and reduce dropped bombs 25>22

Balance titan, range 1300>1600 reloadtime 1.2>0.9

Arm_furie reduce hp 255412>188788, main gun damage 180>150

Hell Diver hp 3750>4250

Champion increase damage 250>430, Moved from arm to core Experimental Vehicle Plant

Remove tech lock for armraz, no need for rc

Akmech reduce aoe of main weapon 200>128 range 800>600

Armorion, Reduce maxVelocity 15>11.9 and reduce dropped bombs 25>22

Rebalance cavalier, metalcost 1877>2177, missile (aoe 248>96, range 800>450, reloadtime 7>5, Damage 2171>1500),lightning cannon (aoe 248>96 range 1000>550)

Rebalance tllflame tower is now counterpart to arm/core boosted llt, also locked unit from build menus unless player owns assault commander or higher

Remove commandfire from commando main weapon now autofires

Increase Commander damage for leveler/janus now 0.68*default damage (was around 1/3)


--Rebalance sea con's

Arm advanced con sub buildpower 575>450

Core advanced con sub buildpower 575>450

Tll advanced con sub buildpower 650>510

Arm Naval Engineer buildpower 400>250, metal cost 213>255

Core Naval Engineer buildpower 400>250, metal cost 241>289



Add idiot proof ready button :D

Nanos now remember passive/active state after morph

Add gadget to disable on/off button while units are stunned

Builders back to passive by default

Reduce debris default damage, now damage is random between 15 to 30

Added underwater laser weapon to all commanders

Cleanup/Optimizes some model

Replaced starbusrt ceg effect with cheaper version

Updated camera lock screen widget

Added new taskbar logo

Retextured t1.5 cons, Closes #432

Many more minor changes 

Full list of changes at

Bugs at

Credits :-Some Models are in this mod are from TA:Escalation i would like to thanks archdragon , boogie ,wootan and the registeredone for letting us use these models 

Also Credits to krogoth86 for some other model used in this release