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Tech Annihilation

First you need to download the Spring engine to play this game.

Games for Spring are ".sd7" or ".sdz" files. To install this files move them into (Unix) ~/.spring/games
or (Windows) "My Documents\My Games\Spring\games".
Use the "Reload maps/games" option from the "Tools" menu in SpringLobby.

File Information

Title / Version Tech Annihilation 1.08
License Freeware / Free
Filename Tech Annihilation v1.08.sd7
Filesize 5.17 MB
Date 11/28/2010 - 00:00
Changed 03/21/2011 - 05:56
Publisher / Author Senna (Uploaded by Senna)


Tech Annihilation v1.08;



-Janus Range increased [360 to 380] ,Area of effect increased [150 to 180], metalcost increased [226 to 271],
reloadtime increased [7,5 to 8,5] > to upg janus will require 0.08 xp
-Leveler Damage increased [200 to 290], Range increased [300 to 325], metalcost increased [210 to 258],
reloadtime increased [2.1 to 2.6]
-Antiswarm double llt weapons range increased first [435 to 527], relaodtime decreased [0.48 to 0.38],
second [430 to 500] ,reloadtime decreased [0.48 to 0.28], energycost increased [1467 to 4332]
-Beamer Damage increased [40 to 52] , range increased [475 to 505], energycost increased [1434 to 3345]


-Exxec speed reduced [1,25 to 1,15]


-Arm Fusion Buildtime decreased [197529 to 98700]
-Core Fusion Buildtime decreased [198390 to 97640]


-Core heavy bomber Speed decreased [9.5 to 8.1], hp increased [10410 to 14620]


-Rex Hp reduced [39200 to 25400]
-Metron hp increased [8614 to 19212]
-Krogoth explosion changed to standard krogoth explosion

Scripts,Lua and Bugs fix;

-Bos script fixed for Core Champion --Nixtux
-Updated Defence Range widget now compatable with mod --Nixtux
-Unused Category Removed --Nixtux
-GroundDecals added for Armevp and Corevp --Nixtux
-More CollisionVolumes added and the massive oversized collisionVolume fixed -- Nixtux
-Yardmaps fixed for solars -- Nixtux thanks to Deadnigthwarrior for pointing out problem

Tech Annihilation v1.06;



-New buildpics from Nixtux
-New Addons sound to units [Nixtux and Deadnightwarrior]
-Better Pathifing for vehicles increased slope 18 to 20


-Ice ui and gui removed*
-Latest Red ui version added*
-dynamic volume added thanks [Deadnightwarrior, and Nixtux]
-Fixed Defense Range Crash
-Added autoreclaim health assist fixed version from capob5


-Jeager metalcost reduced [155 to 122]

-Upgraded ak metal cost increased slighty [40 to 46], Energy cost increased slighty [100 to 125],
Morph time slighty increased [5 to 10]*
-Thud into T2 kbot cons xp require increased [0.60 to 0.80], Metal cost increased [300 to 960]
-Hammer into T2 kbot cons xp require increased [0.60 to 0.75], Metal cost increased [300 to 1000]
-Slasher into T2 vehicle metal cost increased [650 to 1140]
-Samson into T2 vehicle metal cost increased [650 to 1200]


-Scar range decreased [750 to 700]
-Dark range decreased [ 800 to 750]
-Sonic riot tank no longer try to target air
-Brutus modified to 1.04 version cost-s
-Dao turret torque speed increased
-Emancipator hp slighty increased [3977 to 4128]


-Banisher range increased [800 to 900]
-Penetrator range increased [800 to 850]
-Fido damage tweaked increased [255 to 361]
-Orca no longer requires T3 center, its now an standard t2 amphibious unit
-Totalitarian no Longer requires Tech 2 research center


-Cavalier metalcost reduced [2467 to 1877]
-Tarantel Sonar range increased [135 to 410]


-Praetorian Head damage reduced [3000 to 2000], range decreased [1200 to 800],
Rocket damage reduced [390 to 240], range decreased [1150 to 750]
gun damage reduced [120 to 80], shield radius increased [280 to 360]



-antiswarm hover tanks no longer requires Research center


-Arm spiderlab and core spiderlab metalcost reduced ~500
-Wolf emp sniper now cloacks [100 energy] in stop, [400 energy] in movement



-Arm and Core transports now can pick up coms underwater [in beta]


-Stratofortress speed increased [7 to 9]
-Long ammo heavy bomber speed increased [6.6 to 9.5]


-Batle/combat commanders and up when self destruction no longer will kill other commander in range
of the explosion if that commander got 2700 hp or up clean

-Helper no longer will make Upg hlt, Buildpower reduced [550 to 300, same as nanotower]

Tech Annihilation v1.04;


-Jaguar Path fixed, now its back an all terrain

-T1 Torpedo Launcher no longer underwater
-Arm TL HP increased [1450 to 1890], Damage vs coms decreased [560 to 260], Range increased [550 to 600]
-Core TL HP increased [1520 to 1977], Damage vs coms decreased [560 to 260], Range increased [550 to 600]


-2 new ships added in t1 labs, they require t1 RC to be enabled, 590 damage shot vs t1 hovers

T2 Hover
-Venom speed increased [1.5 to 2.2]
-Destruitor LOS increased [260 to 660]
-Visitor speed increased [2,7t o 2,9]
-Tempest Los increased [300 to 620]
-Adonis LOS increased [260 to 720]
-Matcher flame hover speed increased [2.4 to 2.8], torque speed increased slighty
-Behegoly LOS increased [256 to 680]
-Watcher HP increased [100 to 510], Radar Distance increased [1200 to 1600], Sonar [780 to 1240]
Energy use added [50]
-R75-V renamed to Detector
-Detector HP increased [100 to 490], Radar Distance increased [1120 to 1490], Sonar [700 to 1100]
Energy use added [42]


-Gladiator dragons teeth crusher back
-Exxec dragons teeth crusher back
-Brutus Metalcost reduced slighty [640 to 570], energycost reduced [14545 to 10960]
-Dark Buildtime increased [8100 to 14223]


-Pathifing fixed with all-terrain units, they no longer cross water deep under -40
-Script Cob error fixed with Small Fusions


-New Loadscreen [Nixtux], New buildpics and fixes [Nixtux]

Tech Annihilation v1.03;



-Morph to batle com metal cost increased [1.000 to 1350]
-Morph to eco com metal cost reduced [1350 to 1100]


-LLT to upg llt now requires 0.60 xp
-Hammer,Thud to morph into t2 Kbots now requires 0.60 xp
-Thud to morph into mortyr now requires 0.40 xp
-Hammer to morph into fido now requires 0.20 xp
-Stumpy to bulldog morph now requires 0.35xp
-Shelshocker into luger now requires 0.30xp
-Raider into reaper now requires 0.35 xp
-wolverine into pillager now requires 0.30 xp and into tremor 0.65 xp
-samson into t2 vehicle cons now requires 0.90xp
-slasher into t2 vehicle cons now requires 0.85xp
-Penetrator no longer can morph into a turret, morph to razorback now requires 0.63xp
-Diplomat no longer can morph into a turret


-Upg Peewe hp reduced [580 to 470]
-Exxec hp reduced [5100 to 4060]
-Gladiator HP reduced [3600 to 2350], Rocket range decreased [570 to 490], Los decreased [520 to 410]
Mass tag removed
-Hermes metalcost reduced [169 to 122]
-Dark range decreased [900 to 800], Damage reduced [450 to 315],Los decreased [760 to 510]
-Brutus Damage decreased [290 to 195], Reloadtime increased [1.1 to 1.6], Speed decreased [2 to 1.4]
-Hound HP increased slighty [3247 to 3366]
-Emancipator main cannon range increased [650 to 730], reloadtime [1,79 to 3,5]
Damage increased [170 to 286], hp increased slighty [3548 to 3977]
{may now it can be good against defenses}


-Menacer no longer hits air, Range increased [2100 to 2800]


-Removed advanced kbots 2

-Consul no longer builds t2 vehicle con, panther added
-Cooler no longer builds t2 vehicle con, croc added
-Fark no longer builds t2 kbot con, sniper added
-Freaker no longer builds t2 kbot con, can added
-Air engineers still can build t2 con


-Frog aa hp increased [905 to 2460]
-Iguana aa hp increased [485 to 2600]


-Cavalier Multipurpose is now all-terrain amphibious
-Magilla rocket launcher removed
-Krypto renamed to Krally, Metalcost reduced [3985 to 1967], energycost increased [34675 to 42560]
-AKmech 3do fixed [thanks Nixtux]



-Demolisher is no longer hovercraft, hp increased slighty [27120 to 30600]


-Praetorian is now a shielded unit, metalcost reduced [26.000 to 15600], energycost reduced
[500.000 to 320.000], HP reduced [170.000 to 108.000], Buildtime reduced [1012423 to 344678]
Size reduced to half, Big explosion removed
Moved to Experimental gantry arm
-Monkeylord is now a shielded unit, metalcost reduced [27.082 to 16100], energycost reduced
[577.000 to 230.000], HP reduced [215.000 to 96.000], Buildtime reduced [1112423 to 444678]
Size reduced to half, Big explosion removed
Moved to Experimental gantry core

-Monkeylord script its broke, gona need time to be fixed, removed for this version and added praet for both sides

-Monkeylord and Praetorian removed from t3 builders


-Small Fusion metalcost increased [2900 to 3070], now can be built up on water
-Arm Pocket Fusion Energycost Reduced [4500 to 3600]
-Core Pocket Fusion energycost reduced [5900 to 4260]
-T1,5 mexes now can be built underwater


-Upgraded LLT fixed, now it wont go underwater when morphs



-Underwater Energy Storage increased [6.000 to 18.000]
-Arm Advanced Antimater Fusion metalcost increased [11668 to 14566],
energycst increased[141429 to 212600], buildtime increased [175.000 to 225000]
-Arm Underwater Moho Metal Maker metal produce decreased [19 to 16 for 600 energy]
-Core Advanced Antimater Fusion metalcost increased [11720 to 14318],
energycst increased[112058 to 199618], buildtime increased [164281 to 235000]
-Core Underwater Moho Metal Maker metal produce decreased [19 to 16 for 600 energy]


-Fixed t3 arm lab yardmap


-Crusader plasma cannon range decreased [700 to 600]
-Millenium HP Decreased [15810 to 12460], Range decreased [1240 to 1090]
-Enforcer plasma cannon range decreased [710 to 610]
-Warlord HP Decreased [16645 to 13430], Range decreased [1320 to 1100]
-Naval Engineers no longer builds amphibious, now they can make:
Millenium ARM, Warlord CORE and floating nanoturrets


-Torpedo Launcher now Set underwater
-Advanced Torpedo Launchers now set underwater
-Arm TL HP decreased [1450 to 890], Damage vs coms decreased [560 to 260]
-Core TL HP decreased [1520 to 977], Damage vs coms decreased [560 to 260]


-Added Redui back
-Added icui menu
-New lups from Nixtux


Added new buildpics for arm side [thanks nixtux]
new loadscreen [thanks nixtux and smoke_fumus]


Fixed Pathifing with most of units