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File Information

Title / Version Tech Annihilation
License Freeware / Free
Filename Tech Annihilation.sd7
Filesize 27.54 MB
Date 06/21/2010 - 23:20
Changed 01/02/2011 - 16:09
Publisher / Author Senna (Uploaded by Senna)


Renamed Special BA to Tech Annihilation




-Slasher,Samson and theyr upgrades no longer shots vs air [That makes aa vehicles more usefull]
-AA Jeager missile speed increased, now should hit fighters with no problems
-Hermes hp increased [680 to 1310]
-Jeager hp increased [862 to 1412]


-Brutus range lower [750 to 650], hp reduced [2950 to 1950], BurnBlow=1; tag added
-Arm and Core metalmakers energycost increased +2500
-Land Slide metalcost decreased [4627 to 2010]
-Avalanche metalcost decreased [4607 to 1987]


-Reaper HP increased [5000 to 6100]
-Goliath morph xp required decreased [0.45 to 0.30]
-Enforcer Metalcost decreased [4146 to 2122], HP increased [9656 to 12540]
-Magnetosphere Metalcost decreased [4643 to 1980], HP increased [2700 to 3600]
-Emp missile range decreased [6000 to 4500]


-Nebraska Line of Sight increased, Torquespeed increased, HP increased [19800 to 32500]
-Boucher Line of sight increased, Torquespeed increased, HP increased [21677 to 40000]
-Orca Weapon bug fixed
-Emp Bertha area of effect reduced [1390 to 510]
-Emp Intimidator area of effect reduced [1390 to 520]


-Krog hp increased [133700 to 164500]
-Orcone HP increased [141800 to 192000]
-Rex Weapon Bug Fixed
-Shadowbane Removed for this moment, needs work
-Kryptoblaster texturebug fixed [thanks nixtux]
-Monkeylord on selfd now explosion is bigger, Weapon texture changed [Thanks [BoS]Nixtux]
-Praetorian on selfd now explosion is bigger


-Megatron speed decreased [2.52 to 1.80]
-Raptor speed decreased [2.4 to 1.7]
-Broadside Metalcost increased [140.000 to 276.600], weapons fixed
-Devastator Metalcost increased [160.000 to 284.500], rockets and mainly weapon fixed


-Some new lups added from [BoS]Nixtux to improve on t1,5 air

-Fixes and bugg;

-Fixed 8 unknow 3do textures
-Fixed more unit categorys [thanks [BoS]Nixtux]

have fun playing;