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File Information

Title / Version TA : Factions v0.6
License Freeware / Free
Filename ta_factions_v0.6.sdz
Filesize 47.18 MB
Date 12/26/2012 - 21:32
Changed 01/30/2014 - 00:47
Publisher / Author raaar (Uploaded by raaar)


****************** WARNING ***********************
The game was renamed to "Metal Factions"

There is a new version that works well with Spring engine 95.0+. Players should use it instead of this.

get it here:


"Total Annihilation : Factions" is a game for the spring engine and is based around expanding the ARM vs CORE gameplay by adding two new factions, CLAW and SPHERE, reworked balance and new mechanics.

It should favor small to medium battles and micromanagement rather than exponentially growing economies and massive clashes.

you can post feedback and suggestions on the spring forum:

----------- Gameplay notes / hints (comparison with the typical TA-derived games) ----------

--- commanders
- each commander has 3 distinct upgrades with unique visual and attributes
- commanders can be respawned, for a price (respawner pad can be built by any constructor)
- commanders no longer have a huge death blast
- commanders have unique weapons instead of the 1-hit-kill dgun
- commanders morph one of their weapons into a torpedo launcher while underwater
- no decoy commanders

--- economy
- economy scales smoothly, advanced metal extractors provide about 3 times as much metal/s as basic ones
- metal makers have been disabled, but all commanders give +4 M/s
(you can no longer grow your economy exponentialy without grabbing more land)
- construction units build faster than usual when compared to commanders
(commander should be fighting in the front line, not cowering on the back of the base)

- Light (L) (takes full dmg from all sources)
- Medium (M) (takes half dmg from light hitpower weapons)
- Heavy (H) (takes half dmg from medium hitpower weapons and quarter dmg from light hitpower weapons)

(throwing a mass of light scout ships against medium and heavily armored units should fail miserably)

- you can view the armor type and weapon hit power on the tooltip

- SPHERE's unit shields protect only the owner and regenerate 2%hp/s at the cost of 4%hp E/s
(they take full dmg from all weapon types since v0.6)

- all ground units have 600 LOS and aircraft have 720 LOS (there is no distinct radar and sonar LOS) (has LOS widget)

- it has most land, air and some sea units for CLAW and SPHERE

- no effort yet into AI compatibility, but it does seem to work with RAI

- for now, it has no mine-layers, no nukes, and no vulcans (does have long range plasma cannons though)

************************** PATCH NOTES ****************************

2013/07/28 ------------------ NOTES v0.6 ----------------------

--- balance/fixes

- made ARM "Maverick" a bit faster but reduced HP by about 20%
- changed CLAW commander's damage type to medium and slightly reduced DPS slightly to compensate
- changed CLAW "Drakkar"'s twin railgun to a 4 barrelled fast-firing railgun : higher dmg per second but shorter range, made it move slower but with more HP
- changed CLAW "Blizzard"'s side lasers dmg type from to medium
- made heavy gunships a bit tougher and a bit slower and adjusted the price
- reduced SPHERE commanders' HP regeneration from 8/12 HP/s to 4/8 HP/s (same as the other commanders)
- changed CLAW "Roller"'s damage type to heavy and improved its range (it's bigger and more expensive)
- vehicle's terrain slope tolerance slightly increased
- CLAW and SPHERE's economy buildings can now be built underwater (they should have been before..ooops)
- torpedoes can no longer shoot out of the water and strike land targets
- fixed unit maneuverability: they no longer lose so much speed when turning
- fixed build menu for CLAW construction ship
- fixed floating laser towers
- CLAW "Striker" changed to a stronger and slower attack ship
- removed radar error and removed targeting supercomputers from the game
- commander upgrades' metal cost reduced from 1500 to 1000 and some have been improved
- made ARM and CORE flak cannons stronger but more expensive
- ARM "Conqueror" and CORE "Executioner" are more affordable
- made Corvettes better at fighting light ships and aircraft
- shields now take full damage from all weapons
- ARM paralyzer weapons stun the target for 30s instead of 10 and are bit cheaper
- small changes to many sea units

--- new units

- added ARM "Knight" : Level 2 Heavy Infantry Kbot (Maverick's better armoured cousin)
- added SPHERE "Helix" : Level 2 Amphibious Boat
- added SPHERE "Clam" : Level 1 Underwater Torpedo Launcher
- added SPHERE "Oyster" : Level 2 Underwater Energy Torpedo Launcher
- added ARM "Icarus" : Level 2 Heavy Gunship
- added CORE "Stratos" : Level 2 Heavy Gunship
- added ARM "Catfish" : Level 2 Amphibious Boat (replaces Plesiossaur)
- added CORE "Proteus" : Level 2 Amphibious Boat (replaces Zulu)
- added SPHERE Advanced construction Sub
- added SPHERE "Pluto" Armored Assault Sub
- added CLAW and SPHERE advanced sonar stations
- added CLAW "Predator" : Level 2 Amphibious Assault Robot
- added CLAW "Sinker" : Level 1 Depthcharge Launcher
- added Level 2 Radar/Sonar ships for all factions
- added Level 2 Radar Jamming ships for CLAW and SPHERE
- added CLAW "Speeder" : Level 1 Scout ship
- added Floating versions of radar towers and several CLAW and SPHERE level 2 static defenses

--- animations/effects
- slightly reduced sound volume of SPHERE lightning beams
- slightly improved 3d models for many units, mostly CLAW and some SPHERE
- improved walk animations for SPHERE's 6 legged kbots and commander
- CLAW light lasers look thinner and darker to set them apart from the medium and heavy ones
- improved commander explosions a bit
- changed the models of small rockets to set them apart from the faster but less powerful light missiles
- CLAW and SPHERE metal extractors and moho mines have alternative animations/model when built underwater

2013/03/17 ------------------ NOTES v0.51 ----------------------

- fixed some bombers that were dropping two bombs instead of one
- fixed torpedo fall speed for torpedo bombers
- improved accuracy for artillery cannons in general