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File Information

License / Free
Filename supreme_annihilation_u76_v1.0.sdz
Filesize 3.81 MB
Date 10/08/2011 - 13:02
Changed 10/08/2011 - 13:06
Publisher / Author (Uploaded by BasiC)


If you do not have Supreme Annihilation U36 you need to download it as well form the following link : t

This is a mutator with several balance tweaks and it requires the main game file.

Supreme Annihilation U76:

Fixed the build distance of the Arm construction vehicle.

Supreme Annihilation U69/70/71/72/73/74/75:
U72:improved fighter abilities and added back the Arm T2 flak vehicle.

many changes to make the balance tighter and make the game more tactical.

Supreme Annihilation U66/67/68:

Reduced costs of kbot cons.
Reverted the roach explosion damage to its default higher value.

Supreme Annihilation U62/63/64:

Repaired Wind generator cob erros.
Slightly nerfed hover scouts.
Reduced fighter damage to ground units somewhat.
Slightly buffed t1 AA bots and vehicles.
Made ships move in a more natural way.
Added a widget that stops selection boxes from selecting builders or clocked units when regular combat units are in the box as well unless alt is also pressed when selecting.

Supreme Annihilation U61:

Slightly decreased the Mavricks DPS.
Slightly increased the cost of the Zeus and Can.
Slightly Increased rock oand storm weapon ranges.
Slightly Sped up T1 AA kbots and vehicles
Slightly increase HP of all bombers.
Reduces line os fight of missile boats even more.
removed amphibious units from the T1 sea lab.
Increased the HP of T1 con ships.
Increased the velocity of scout boat missiles.
Made destroyers deal less damage with their depthcharges and more with their plasma cannons.
Remove the blade gunship.
Nerfed water missile towers a bit.
Removed the stilleto bomber.