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File Information

Title / Version Red Annihilation 2013.10.10
License Freeware / Free
Filename red_20131010.sdz
Filesize 19.43 MB
Date 11/25/2011 - 22:53
Changed 10/15/2013 - 16:02
Publisher / Author zerver (Uploaded by zerver)


New in 2013.10.10:

  • Removed BA dependencies as per request from BA team
  • Designed for Spring 0.81 and earlier or RTSMP 94-20131015
  • Many widget and gadget updates

New in 7.68B:

  • Ore Area Reclaim widget largely eliminates the need for ctrl+area reclaim

New in 7.68:

  • New in-game user manual
  • Bugfixed Ore Purification Control widget

New in 7.63:

  • New Ore Purification Control widget to keep the energy level stable
  • The Ore Economy GUI widget now displays the amount of ore in range of each extractor, and the efficiency/capacity contributions for each purifier
  • Armed extractors do not get increased capacity with higher experience

Red Annihilation

This BA mutator changes the econ system into something that resembles that of C&C Red Alert.

Unlike the very simple "capture the flag style" metal econ system of TA, Red Alert has a much more complex and dynamic system, that opens up for some interesting strategies:

  • A relatively small number of expensive-to-build ore refineres, which makes it an interesting target to attack.
  • Transporting resources (with ore miner) means that you can attack and destroy it before it reaches the refinery.

To make it easy to learn for any BA player, I have implemented a small number of changes and added only two new units - the Arm Devastator T1/T2 armed metal extractors. These units are modified versions of units extracted from überhack (planetannihilation) and central consciousness (tauniverse).

Here is how it works:

  • The mex spots continuously emit ore. The ore can converted into metal either by reclaiming it like a wreck, or by placing a mex (ore extractor) on top of it.
  • All constructors have an "Ore Miner" setting that makes them stockpile all reclaimed ore. The ore can then be dumped using the "Dump Ore" command.
  • The extractors have a higher build cost and can be upgraded by building adjacent metal makers (ore purifiers). More purifiers will result in more metal output per ore, at a siginficant energy cost.
  • Each extractor can process a certain amount of ore per second. The amount is proportional to the richness of the ore deposit it is placed on, and upgraded extractors can process even more.
  • The armed extractors are slightly better than regular extractors in terms of efficiency / energy consumption, and excel even more when they gain experience. When upgraded, they also get a significantly boosted weapon range.

These changes mean that regular metal maker econ is completely disabled - you cannot produce any metal without having ore. In addition to this, extractors cannot be infinitely upgraded due to lack of adequate space in close proximity of the extractor. This gives rise to a theoretical max continuous output of ~200 metal per extractor in DSD unless you have experienced armed extractors. While getting to 100 metal per extractor is relatively easy, getting to 200 requires an enormous amount of purifiers. A full upgrade for all extractors is therefore simply not economical. Some extractors will be better "refineries" than others.

Examples of new features/strategies:

  • Instant metal™: Instead of wasting metal on building extractors, manually reclaim the ore to get a jump start. Build extractors or armed extractors later when you have enough energy to run them upgraded.
  • Ore mining™: Since ore mining is instant, it is possible to fetch ore from many locations early in the game, and dump it in your base for later processing. Destroy enemy miners and steal their ore!
  • Ore refining™: Since some extractors may be more upgraded, you can turn the inefficient ones off and manually transport the ore to the most efficient refinery, provided that it has capacity to spare.
  • Anti-porc™: Push for armed extractor war at the front, since experienced extractors will have a significant boost in efficiency. The energy can porce in the back as usual :)
  • Anti-spam™: Use armed extractors against spam. If the enemy spams, you will not only get the wrecks to reclaim, but the extractors will also gain experience and give you a huge economy advantage.
  • Epic fail™: Attack upgraded enemy extractors. Since they have explosive purifiers nearby, they are easy targets unless well defended.
  • Power surge™: Use lots of energy storage. A single fully upgraded moho extractor has an instantaneous energy consumption of more than 50K on DSD.

Other info:

  • To area reclaim/mine ore, use the Ore Area Reclaim widget; It uses Ore or Normal reclaim based on the reclaim radius.
  • To adjust the radius for implicit Ore reclaim, use the Ore Reclaim Radius Control widget (R = ore extraction radius)
  • Knowledge of Spring command chains and "repeat" is essential to be able to set up automatic ore mining:
    1. Select the builder and set "Ore Miner" and "Repeat" ON
    2. Give a move order to somewhere near the ore deposit (unless constant line of sight can be guaranteed)
    3. Hold Shift, press "Reclaim", and mouse-drag an area reclaim circle around the ore deposit.
         (Repeat steps 2 (but hold Shift) and 3 to mine at several deposits)
    4. Hold Shift, press "Dump ore" and click on the site (extractor) where the ore should be dumped.
  • Keep in mind that just like in regular BA, the armed extractors are "metal powered" - i.e. their weaponry does not function correctly if they do not produce metal, which will happen if they run out of ore.
  • If you want to turn off an armed extractor, you need to set it to hold fire first.
  • Use the Ore Economy GUI widget to see extractor efficiency, ore capacity per second and the amount of stockpiled ore.
  • Metal maps are to be avoided, since ore will be spammed across the whole map.
  • Use the included Ore Purification Control widget to automatically enable/disable purifiers. Other metal maker widgets can be used, but it is not recommended.
  • Because of the continuous ore output from the deposits, game play will be a bit faster initially (more metal compared to regular BA) and possibly a bit slower in late game due to disabled metal maker econ, but can also be faster depending on the experience level of the extractors.

Requires Balanced Annihilation V7.68 and Spring 88.0+

Balancing the firepower and upgraded weapon ranges of the Deveastators and Exploiters. More testing and perhaps some final polish.