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File Information

Title / Version Progressive Annihilation 1.25
License Freeware / Free
Filename progressiveannihilationv1.25.sdz
Filesize 37.21 MB
Date 10/05/2011 - 04:51
Publisher / Author Juzza (Uploaded by JackRabbit)


This is only a small update to fix some issues with buildpower and the issue of the Pathing fix being missing from Version 1.2.

---Progressive Annihilation V1.25 Changelog---

Pathing fix is actually in this version.

T1 and T2 Labs have 50 more buildpower, it doesn't seem like much but it should help with using metal faster.

T1 Vehicle Cons had their buildpower increased by 10 to differentiate them from Kbot cons, to compensate T1 Kbot Cons had their cost reduced to 90 Metal.

T1 Cons and Nanos had their buildpower increased by 10% This should make you need to build less to get a bit more buildpower.

Repairing still costs energy but only 1 4th of the original cost I found that in game it gimped Kbot players too much, rezzers have also had their E cost lowered by 400 making them 1000E.